Zine Cataloging: #sfedu day

Gift of Emily Nilsson

Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2: a DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture by Alex Wrekk, 2009

Cover from Atomic Books

VSNQST by Sophie Yanow, 2010

Cover from Sophie Yanow on Flickr

Gift of Kristie Miller

A Booklet on the Understanding and Appreciation of the Sleeve by Laurene "Lola" Ingalls, 2002

Pander Zine Distro Mailorder Catalog Fall/Winter '04/'05, by Ericka Bailie-Byrne, 2005

In the Distro Consideration section

...get an idea of what my tastes are before just sending your stuff off willy nilly. i have no interest in poetry or music zines & things i find offenseive include, but are not limited to: sexism, racism, homophobia, fatphobia/sizism, transphobia, classism, ableism, etc. you get the idea. also, if you charge for ad space or call your zine a "magazine" i probably won't be interested. if you send a cover letter & press clippings with consideration copies, i probably won't be interested...

Placenta #1 by Rosa-Maria DiDonato

Cover from Microcosm Publishing

Rag Hag Catalog #1 by Tanya Goldberg, 2001

Note to other zine librarians and researchers, because this confused me--Rag Hag is the separate distro catalog, which Tanya/Skuld started after issue seven of Hag Rag (started in 1996) got too big.

Raisin Pie #2-4 by Ariel Bordeaux and Rick Altergott, 2003-2005

Covers from Fantagraphics

Secret Mystery Love Shoes #3 by Androo Robinson and Maria Goodman, 2004?

Slug and Lettuce #75 & 77 by Chris Boarts, 2003

Cover headings from Slug & Lettuce photo and art archive

Some Garment Construction (and Finishing) Tips for Intermediates by Laurence "Lola" Ingalls, 2002ish?

Learn how to "Install a Hood onto your Favorite Cardigan."

T-zine #1: 3 DIY Projects: Things to Make with T-Shirts by Melissa Dettloff, 2005

Plus fun idea: knitting with T-shirts.

That Dinosaur Reminds Me: (Your Average Drive Across the Southwest) by Rory, 2006?

Cover from Dorsia on Flickr

if you wanna skip to the good parts, there's an index in the back.

Did she know a librarian would read this one day and that indexes are sometimes my favorite part of any publication?

As she drives from Oklahoma to California:

i've got a car full of christmas presents, and a rifle in the trunk, wrapped in my great-grandma's quilt.

Rory refers to OK as the Midwest. Is OK the Midwest? Wikipedia says it is according to some people, but not according to the US Census. She calls soda "pop," so maybe it really is the Midwest. Do people say "pop" in the south?

Thoughts on Jack Kerouac if he were traveling Route 66 (now I40) today:

i wonder if his writing would be on a laptop, worrying about where he can get some free wi-fi. i bet kerouac would be a total emo kid, listening to some death cab on his ipod while he took the Greyhound.

can you imagine it, kerouac posting to his LJ? what would his icon be?

(permission to quote pending)

Zine World #21 edited by Jerianne, 2004

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings