Zine Cataloging Report: May 3, 2013

Donated by Keight Bergmann

| Nothing | #s 6-9, 12 by Marissa Falco, April 1996-1998
#7 includes a list of pick-up lines. It's weird how many teen zines run similar features. Marissa also discusses wanting to play oboe in a ska band.  

In #12 Marissa writes & draws about her first year of college at Boston University: likes, dorm living, changes in herself, missing home, her 6am ska and swing music radio show

Nerd Gerl #5 by Eleana T. fall 1995 (split with Blind #15)
"The one really prominent memory I have of the time right before leaving for college is that me and my friends were in an advanced state of panic, rushing to each others' houses to make mix tapes."

First question in an interview with Cub: "Did any of you ever have any imaginary friends?" (Answer--Lisa had two.)

Noisy Jewelry #2 by She-Ra, fall 1993

Ocean, a compilation zine by Anke, 2001. 
It has contributions from Amy Mariaskin, Jen Walsh, Kat Continental Drift, Keight Bergmann, Liz Deliciosa, Taryn Hipp, Teri Vlassopoulos and others. 

Ockle, by Marla Tiara, 1998?

Operation Kitty Kitty catalog #4, by Katrina, winter 2001

Oppress This Zine #10 by Erin Nicole Schleckman, 1999 or 2000

When Sixth Grade Looks Like the End of the World, by Gillian Beck, 2002. 
This zine is comprised of found photos Gillian encountered while teaching English in Japan.  

Acquired at the Brooklyn Zine Fest: by purchase or trade

17 Weddings, by Robyn Jordan, 2012. 
These are one page minicomics about the weddings Robyn has attended or participated in, including her own.

Book of House Cats, by Kaori Mitsushima, 2013. 
It's a zine. With drawings of cats. 

Brooklyn TransCore #1, March 2013. 

Cute Dress #s 1-3, by Katie Haegele, 2012?
Each 2" tall zine tells the story of Katie buying and wearing (even if just in the privacy of her own home) a dress from a discount or thrift store or a yard sale. There is also romantic intrigue. 

Deafula #5, by Kerri, spring 2013. 

Employ: a Story of Un and Underwear #2, by Kendra Allenby, November 2012. 
In which Stanford educated licensed therapist considers which is less gross, working at a sandwich shop or bartending. 

Ghosts I Have Seen, chapter 1: Silk Dress and Rumpus by Violet Tweedale, published by Joseph Carlough in 2012. 


Don't Get Doored, by Dena Van Der Wal, 2013. Donated by the author at the Caxton Club Zine Symposium

Snow, by Rachel Casiano Hernandez. Donated by the author through the mail. 

New-to-us subject headings added to describe the zines above

Clothing and dress--Purchasing.

Found objects (Art)--Japan. 



Spiritualists--Scotland--20th century. 

Weddings--Comic books, strips, etc.