Zine Cataloging Report: June 7, 2013

Compliments of Keight

Earnest in Town & Jack in the Country. Maria (pronounced Mariah!). 1990s?

"In a zine you learn as much about the author from what she doesn't have to say as you do from what she does. It's assumed people are white & straight until they say otherwise. So what you'd learn by omission (or lack of necessity) from this zine about me is that I am white, reasonably well-to-do, provided for. Are racism & classism my battles to fight? Only if I make them."

From a self interview:
M: what is something you do every day?
m: wear jewelry. wear perfume. forget to put on deodorant. wish for mail. eat eat eat. get a papercut.

The East Village Inky #s 1-7. Ayun Halliday. 1998-2000.
This addition completes our East Village Inky collection, including giving us circulating copies of #s 2 & 7!

"The East Village Inky is published 4 times a year to aid travellers, whet the appetite of artistic teenagers stuck in the middle of Indiana and to provide a manageable creative outlet for the mother of baby Inky." [few issue 1 promises for regular publication actually deliver--go Ayun (who now publishes three times a year, but managed four for a very long time)]

"oh dear tompkins square playground, even though you are full of broken glass & cigarette butts & big kids on bikes lobbing water balloons at eachother, I am totally in your thrall! I don't much care that a dead pigeon was discovered beneath the baby's gym...I'm just glad that no one's ever erased the drawings of naked ladies under the stairs. On your filthy, sacred ground, I could take my ease forever, watching the thuggish interaction of young children, the ice broken with other (well, I guess having a baby makes it official) adults-who I would have liked even if we didn't have children in common (and could sleep late & take long showers & see movies & plays) So far are you from the spirit-leeching suburbs, so safe are you from the immediate nutcases & big city despair that I love you with all my ♥ & what's left of my brain." --sign off from #1.

Eno Scent #s 1-2. Shino Arihara. 1998-1999.

Espionage #6. Kat Asharya. 2002?

Extemporaneous #s "Poor Taste Issue," 19, 20, 22 (two different issues), 24. Sara and Beth Billard. 1995?-1997?

interview questions for Julia Child, Kim Deal, Simon Gilbert and others:

  • Have you ever had a silly pet/nick name?
  • Describe your perfect day.
  • Self-portrait
  • Describe the weirdest day you ever had.
  • What's your favorite outfit?
  • Describe the person(s) you had a crush on in your youth.

Food Geek #3. Carrie McNinch. 2001?

"Here's something I like to do: I take pizza dough and wrap it around little cubes of mozarella and make little balls. Then I boil them in tomato sauce. Pizza dumplings. Mmm!" (letter to the editor from Stevie Hartman)

Frida ♥ Diego Mail Order catalogs. Celia C. Perez. March & December 2000. 

Donated by Owner

Doris #30. Cindy Crabb. 2013. 

Rosa's Travels #s1 & 2. Rosita Adams. 2013. 

Yep, it's a travel zine. My favorite part is Rosita's city reviews, most of them pans:

Texas - Nothing but goddamn Flatland
Bridgeport, CT - broken down houses, empty factorie, and a pretty ugly, pretentious shitty city
Boston, MA - New York's rival on high rent, racist bastards, and grimy climate

Tenacious: Art & Writings from Women in Prison #28. Edited by Vikki Law. 2013. 

New-to-Us Subject Headings

Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)--Description and travel.

East Village (New York, N.Y.)--Description and travel.