Zine Cataloging Report, January 31, 2011

Smartest Girls in Town, by Roberta Forsyth and Catherine Osbourne, 1998: Zines A87s

“[Zines] are responses to what is not already out there, and they are about individual expression that includes social retorts and political animus, solitary digressions and cogent confessions. For many, the motivation to make a zine is quite simple: I’ve got something I want to say and no one else is saying it for me.”

Smear #1 by Leslie Shelton, 1995?: Zines S5458s

African-American high school student on interracial dating, Sassy, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Smile for Me #s 1 & 3 by Ananda La Vita, 1993- : Zines L3858s

“‘we’re all just human beings.’ from the mouths of white punk boys, and maybe some girls, you’ve probably heard quotes like these. well i for one can hardly stand another word out of them, especially when used against Riot Grrrl. i think the humanist view is 100% flawed, ignorant, and contributing to oppression.”

Snailmania #2, 3, 5 by Ellen Star, 1998-99: Zines S7374s

High school senior, thinking about colleges and snails.

<snakeskindress> <a love song> by Helena Kvarnstrom, 2000: Zines K93s

Some of this is slightly altered autobiography.
Some is straight autobiography.
This is my love song to myself.
This is where I come from.
This is not everything.

Snapdragons #1 by Anna Szivek, 1997? : Zines S958s

“fer the dreamer and thinker inside”

Sneer #6.5 by Kate Flannery, 1990s: Zines F43s
Solamente #3 by Danielle, 1996: Zines D3654s