Zine Cataloging Report: Fatigue Syndrome Day

Gift of the Creator

Deviant Recipes #1, 4-6 by Mistress Althaea, 2005-2006

Purchased from the Creator

Functionally Ill: Adventures with Mental Health #3, 6-10, 12-13, 15-17 by Laura-Marie, 2008-2013

cover from author's blog

On dealing with sorting out health services, "Erik said this is like battling a monster with no head. Everyone knows their little job, and no one seems acquainted with the big picture or even interested in the big picture, the big picture being a person's actual life, my actual life." From #6

"'What would your stable self tell you to do?' she asked. Then I resisted the idea that I'd ever had or ever could have a stable self. I think I said, 'I'll have to get back to you on that one.'" From #7

"LM: Do you think we romanticize our madness?
"A: Sometimes.
"LM: Is that okay?
"A: It depends on what you mean by romanticize and what you mean by okay." From #10

Ker-Bloom #106: Polar Vortices by Artnoose, 2014

cover from author's Etsy shop

"We made an eleventh-hour decision to swap in a radiator that had been donated to my friend's house a few years before when some punks paid for entrance to a show with a truck full of scavenged radiators. Classic Pittsburgh."