Zine Cataloging Report: 12/5/14

From the Mystery Pile

Wasted Style #10/11 by Jamillah James, 2000

Sour Pussy by Robyn Chapman split with When I Was Brave by Kelli Nelson, 2004ish?

Cover from Optical Sloth

Gift of the Calhoun School, instructor Nicole Acosta Nemergut

Logic 4 Dummies by Zami Seck, Gabby Montel and Tania Calle, 2014

A Self-Help Guide by Alexandra, 2013

"7. Get a tattoo. Get five tattoos. Get another whole in your ear. You will still be able to get a job. Don't listen to your dad. Did you really want to be employed by someone like your father? Haven't you had enough judgemental old white men anyway? Get FUCK YOU tattooed on your hip."

"If I'm attempting to make something and I hit a creative block that's threatening to spiral into a bout of self-loathing, taking a few minutes to floss my teeth hits the brakes on that cycle and gives me the mental and emotional distance I need from whatever I'm working on to be able to re-approach it with a fresh, less critical eye."

I love this girl!

Sochi Fails by Ashley Wright, 2014

Sometimes It's Ok to Turn Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure by Ruby Rose, 2014

"And if someone calls you a slut? FUCK THEM"

Witches 'n' Shit by Daisy Freedman, 2013

Women of the Negritude Movement by Ally Greenberg, 2014

The World's Worst Women: Feminist Organizations in Europe by Emma Morrow and Layla Garcia, 2014


Gift of the Creator

Stuff I've Gotten Stuck in My Vagina: an Alternative Menstrual Product Mini-Memoir, by Amanda, 2014

Cover from Zine Club MHC Tumblr. Read the whole thing on the Tumblr.

"This isn't meant to disparage or discourage using alternative menstrual products, I think they're super great. I just wanted to point out that they're not sunshine and smashing the patriarchy's conventional cotton fields all the time."

Taboo: Challenging Colonial and Patriarchal Norms Since 1991 by a Barnard senior, 2014

"As a transfer student to Barnard, I had no idea how important feminism would become to me."

"My personal librarian was assigned to me, and I knew that she would be glad to help, and that everyone else in the class had either seen her or wished they had the time. I never thought I would be a burden for asking for help when it became hard to find information, and I certainly didn't think it made me any less of a student. Yet when it comes to going to a therapist, there's a lot more hesitation." (This was written by one of my personal students. ♥)

Gift of Stefanie Lejeunesse

Panda Love by Kathleen Lolley, 2000/2004ish?

Stories from the Ward #3 & 4 by Lark Pien, 1999 & 2002

Cover from Optical Sloth

Submarine File: 1711900 by Carmen Ogden, 2005

Interior page from The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society

Purchased from the Creator

Ker-bloom! #108: To Be Whole Is to Be a Part by Artnoose, 2014

"When I got back from visiting my family, I felt miserably stuck because I don't even play the lottery."

Cover from artnoose on Flickr

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Logic--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Negritude (Literary movement).

Olympic Winter Games (22nd : 2014 : Sochi, Russia).


Submarines (Ships)--Comic books, strips, etc.


Women's colleges--Students.