Zine Cataloging: Pride/ALA Annual Weekend 2015

I'm sad to be missing the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco, but happy to have been able to spend my time cataloging zines instead of conferencing. Still, missing out on the fun at the Zine Pavilion is killing me.

Photo from @OCREFORMA


Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Bitchfield #18, 21 by Courtney, 1996 & 1997?

"...an outsider in nursery school."

Bite Me! #3 by Jenny, 1996

Band interviews, with questions like "Who do you have crushes on?"

Blood Pudding #2 by Charity, 1996?

Bitter Critter #1 by Alissa Fox, 1996

Blurred by A.E., 199x?

A Book of Songs by ?, 199x?

If you have any information on this zine--author, date, location, please advise!

Booty #25 by Anne Thalheimer, 2011

Breakfast at Twilight #5, Erica, 2012

"The defining trait of my online identity is overwhelming apathy."

Bust #1: a Day in the Life edited by Celina Hex and Betty Boob, 1993

Cover from TopYaps

Come for the nostalgia, stay for Jane Hanover's feminist critique of Lifetime movies and Jane Hanauer's erotic Santa Claus story.

Busy Bea's Bush #1-2 by Nicole, 1994?

Cartography for Beginners #2 by April Hornbuckle, 2003

The Cheap Vegan #18 by Stephanie S., 2004

Purchased from the Creator

Mad Mulatta #1-2 by Brittany Couch, 2014-2015?

"I discovered my breasts in 7th grade science class."

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Swiss Americans.