Zine Cataloging: Passover 2015 edition

Gift of Emily Nilsson

Gampr, 2006

La Perdida #2, 3 by Jessica Abel, 2003

Covers from Jessica Abel's website

Life with the Underdog #2: the Empire Strikes Back! by La Nina, 2002

Image from La Nina's website

Nine Gallons #1 by Susie Cagle, 2009

Cover from The Daily Cross Hatch

Notes on Conflict by Susie Cagle, 2010

Cover from Deliberately Considered

Passing Periods: Tackling Tough Topics for Today's Teens: 5-Minute Comics by Joey Sayers, 2004

Comic from Comic Book Resources blog

Peop(le)s #3 by Fly, 2005

Perkyssimo by Fiona Smyth, 1994

Primary Thought: Ideas on Education by Kinoko, 2012?

Image from Kinoko's Etsy shop

"Miss Lee, I'm afraid our education system is broken. It's outdated & it's screwing me out of a future; a today, even! There's so much"

"Well, Ruby...It sounds like you've learned a lot today."

Short Comics by La Nina, 2008ish?

Sugar Needle #31 by Corina Fastwolf and Phlox Icona, 2007

A Tale Told by Smug: Signifying Nothing by La Nina, 2008

Cover from Webcomics Nation

Trade with the Creator

Accidental Polyamory by Rachel Casiano Hernandez, 2014

All I Want Is Everything #4 & 5 by Caitlin Constantine, 2013-2014?

Covers from Stranger Danger zine distro

"That's the thing about DIY media, that when you create your own media - be it analog or digital - you are still putting yourself into it. You, the creator, are not obliterated from the end product. Your voice is not something to be neutralized through style guides and twice-yearly analyses with...consultants. Your voice is the entire fucking point." #4 (quotation pending permission)

"When I ran my first ultramarathon last weekend, I did so while wearing pink compression sleeves decorated with white butterflies. I took my shoes off when I finished and saw huge blisters forming on both feet, bruises and hard cracked skin all over the tops of my toes, and one toenail that had almost entirely fallen off. But the toenails I still had were painted a perfect shade of deep, sparkly crimson.

"Totally girly, totally tough, and totally no fucks given at all.: #5 (quotation pending permission)

Shard of Glass in Your Eye #11, Kari Tervo, 2014?

Cover from SweetMayhemZinery Etsy shop

From Seven celebrities I have seen in their natural environment: "Jared Leto. I saw Jordan Catalano in a slouchy beanie in an LA grocery store." Slouchy. Beanie.

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

  • Curiosities and wonders.
  • Journalists.
  • Words in art.