Zine Cataloging: October 18, 2013

Gift of Keight Bergmann

Pander Zine Distro catalogs: fall/winter 1998-99, fall/winter 1999, spring/summer 2000, winter 00/01, spring/summer 2001 and spring/summer 2002 by Ericka Bailie.

Cover from Grassroots Feminism

Quartz #0 by Amy, 2001

"Quartz = me in shadowy corners."
I think that's true of many zines and personal writing since often what one chooses to write about is the dark stuff, and even though personal zines are autobiographical they may depict just one aspect or corner of one's psyche. 

Quirk #2 by Brandy, 1999.

from a 1958 girls' fitness guide reprint, "Once married, they physically fit girl has the stamina to do her housework without feeling all fagged out at the end of the day."

Ragdoll #2 by Cheryl Tapper, 1997.

Riot Grrrl Press by Heather Lynn, Mary Margaret and Erika Maria, Fall/Winter 1997.

"becuz there is a whole helluva lot more to punk rock feminism than playing bass in a band."

Roadside #2 & 4 by Sarah Oleksyk, 1998 & 1999

Logo preserved by Oocities

Rough Lines #3-5 by Melonie Fullick, 2001.

"Everything I ever wanted to know has been lost in the haze of things I found out." No. 4

In a review of Charlie's Angels in no. 5, "Still, I can't help feeling that one of these days Cameron Diaz's smile is going to fall right off her face, grow legs and acquire a consciousness." and from the New Zealand fact page, "3. I've never yet met anyone who fucked a sheep." 

Rugburn Spectacular #3-4 by Amalle Dublon, 2000-2001.

Slutkissgirl #4 by Ciara, 1997.

Small Consolation #1 by Summer Danger, 2005.

"I have this problem where I just can't get past issue #1 of a zine. It's sort of like my thing with journal writing, how I can only get through about half of the journal until I want to begin another one, start from fresh."

With a stab-bound cover made of wallpaper. 

Smitten Kitten #5, 6 by Kristy, 2000-2002.

Smitten Kitten Zine Distro catalogue #8 by Kristy, 2002. 

Cover from Grassroots Feminism. 

Sneer #9 by Kate Flannery, 1999.

Written by a Bryn Mawr student, "It's your typical women's college experience, minus the lesbian action (though our answering machine message screams 'straight sex is bad sex!' to confuse Mrs. F.) Sometimes we bicker, sometimes fits are thrown, but usually it's a free-for-all with our hall mates, down home fun cohabitation."

Some Things Are Impossible by Andrea, 2003. 

Someone Hearts Me in Ohio #2, 4 by Jeannette Mihalek, 1996, 1997.


Downloaded from El Internet

International Queer Art & Activism Zine #6: South Korea by Miyuki Baker

Cataloged with Starr Hoffman's Knowledge Organization class. 

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Law students. 

New Zealanders--Canada.