Zine Cataloging: NYC Zine Weekend 2015

The New York City zine community commemorated International Zine Month with a three-event NYC Zine Weekend.

I went to all the events, and also cataloged the following zines:

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Casa de los Trucos #3: Chicken Soup for the Transsexual Soul by Mateo Parra, 2006?

I don't get their emotional investment in my breasts.

Parents always say they just want their kids ot be happy and healthy.

There seems to be some fine print there, a fucked up disclaimer stating that offer is null and void should you happen to be a transsexual.

Evolve #5 by Hailey, 199x?

Glue Magazine: Sisterhood Down to a Craft #1 edited by Claudia Lucero, 2002

Go Team Fanzine #3 by Joey Heretic, 1998

Gorgeous/Handsome #1 by Stephanie Bohn and Dave White, fall 1995

Graham Cracker Cereal #2 by Hope, 1990s?

Gift of Marisa Lee

Glue #3 by Chrissy, 2001ish

Gift or Trade with the Creator

Barnard Zine: NSOP 2015 by the Barnard NSOP Committee, edited by Asia Cunningham, 2015

Cover photographed by me

Cure Huntington's Disease by Nyxia Grey, 2015

Cover from Nyxia's shop

Did That Hurt? Self-Advocacy for a Safe and Awesome Tattoo Experience by Nyxia Grey, 2015

Because I care about you and your tattoo I am going to give you a little piece of knowledge. It is a tattoo STUDIO or SHOP not a tattoo 'parlor'.

Cover from Nyxia's shop

Everything. Is. Fine.: Special 24-Hour Zine Issue by Nyxia Grey, 2015

Laura-Marie's Master's Degrees by Laura-Marie, 2015

Once I had a dream that I was an English major with a minor in garlic. It's kind of like that.

Cover from Laura-Marie's blog

Must Love Cats by Cheryl Gladstone, 2015

"First Saturday" at the Brooklyn Museum was basically mandatory if you were a single lesbian.

Cover from Cheryl's website

NYC Feminist Zine Fest Here I Come by Nyxia Grey, 2015

Cover from Nyxia's shop

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings



Gay teachers.

Huntington's Disease.