Zine Cataloging: May 20, 2014

Gift of the Creator

Art Tickle: a Zine Produced by Jill, the Art Librarian at Temple University, 2012

Cover from Temple Libraries blog post

Zines at the University of Iowa Libraries, unidentified author, 2011

Zines are NOT:

  • Filled with ads
  • Generally printed on glossy paper
  • Blogs
  • Printed in huge quantities
  • Published with an ISBN or ISSN
  • Dead because of the Internet

Gift of Melissa Morrone

We Are All Suspects: a Guide for People Navigating the Expanded Powers of Surveillance in the 21st Century by Radical Reference, Boston Collective, 2014

"Some helpful phrases when in doubt:

'I do not consent to a search.'

'Come back with a warrant.'

'I want to speak with a lawyer.'

"And don't forget:

'Am I free to go?'

"...and take a moment to note the officer's name and badge number."

Cover from Radical Reference post. Download the pdf.


Made by Your Zine Librarian

Barnard Library Newsletter #1: 2013 compiled by Jenna Freedman, 2014

Slideshow version.

Purchased from the Creator

Ames Iowa City Zine by Marya Errin Jones, 2013

Inside page from author's Etsy shop

"Basically...it was 1967 and the state of Georgia would not allow my father to get his PhD in the segregated south...But, they would pay for him to go somewhere else..."

Big Wing Little Wing #1 by Emily, 2014

Cover from author's Etsy shop

Mid Life Isis #1 by Marya Errin Jones, 2014

Cover from author's Etsy shop

Purchased or Donated at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest

Doykeit #1 & 2 by Jenna Brager, 2012

Inside pages from author's website

Cover from author's website

Long Distance #1 by Jenna Brager, 2013?

Cover from author's website

Love, the Furies: Destroy What Destroys You an issue #1 preview by Jenna Brager, 2013

Cover from author's website

On Struggling #3: Bodies edited by Monica T., 2013

A Pocket Guide to Not Harassing People by Stevie Wilson, 2014

Cover from Cursing Coffee

Step 1: 
Realizing and accepting the fact you are not entitled to anyone giving you the time of day if you stop them or come up to them in a public space.

The Sinew That Shrinks: a Sassyfrass Circus Zine by Jenna Brager, 2013

"Sassyfrass Circus is a zine for werewolf bitches who are trying to get a handle on their rage."

"Sassyfrass Circus is a zine for werewolf bitches disguised as young go-getters who wear khakis and get to work on time."

Cover from author's website

Shotgun Seamstress #6.5: Naija Punx by Osa Atoe, 2013

Cover from Afropunk comment

Yes, Ma'am #6 by Suzy Gonzalez and Elle Minter, 2013

Cover from project website

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Dystopias--Comic books, strips, etc.

Electronic surveillance--United States--21st century.

Flight attendants--21st century--Training of.