Zine Cataloging: May 22, 2015

Gift of Emily Nilsson

Delayed Replays volume 1 by Liz Prince, 2005

Cover from Optical Sloth

This minicomic depicts Liz's everyday interactions: snow, bosses, pet cat, boyfriend, mix tape making, video games, school, boogers, work, and farts.

Mother Limbs by Julia L-C, 2008?

Seesaw by Sara Edward-Corbett, 2005


Sing Along Forever: a Love Letter to Bouncing Souls by Liz Baillie, 2008

Tales of a Teenage Nothing by Tania Schrag, 2004?

A Tapir Caper by Raquel M. Reyes, 2004?

Teen Power! by Joey Sayers, 2007

Unicronomicon volume 2, 4 by Catherine Peach and Pals, 2009, 2011

Zigzaggery by Kirstin T., 200x?

Gift of Eve Packer

What Happens Next #3, 4, 8, 9, 12, 13, 21-24 edited by Alan Blaustein, Marie Grottola, Dolores Kestler and Eve Packer, 1989-1990, 1997

Purchased from the Creator

The Mustache That Played Roller Derby by Iliana H., 2014

"Even though she kept falling, the little mustache did not give up. After a while the little mustache became Amaze-balls at this sport. She made many great friends at derby."

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Bouncing Souls (Musical Group)--Comic books, strips, etc.

Tapirs--Comic books, strips, etc.