Zine Cataloging: June 9, 2014

Purchased, Donated or Traded for at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest

1 800 Qing China by Leah Saberski, 2014

All-Inclusive for the Spoiled Rotten by an unnamed Calhoun School student, 2013?

The Bedroom Wall by Sophia B 2013?

The Bracero Program by Ashley Wright, 2013?

Encuentro #1 by Slim Lopéz, 2012

A Guide to New York by Charlotte Tegen, 2013?

Hello My Name Is Effy by an unnamed Calhoun School student, 2013?

The History of China by Kimberly Katz,

Homecoming by Nicole Acosta, 2013

"To be a woman of color in the United States is be born with a tapeworm. Any love and confidence we develop is sucked immediately out of us. It is used to feed parasites. It redirects our energies."


"By leaving a written record of our thunderous hearts and voices, we are creating something tangible--something that has travelled, that connects us across decades and oceans. It is in these connections, trapped in the curves of our script, in a map across pages that we are able to give voice to love."

Independence Movements in Angola by Kyler Murria Castro and Jeremy Quezada

Live Well Laugh Often Love Much by Alyana Cato, 2013

Luxe by Anwen Herbert-Lewis,2013?

Riot Grrrl Problems & Other Feminist Cliches by Suzy X, 2011

"...they're not just comics to me. I use them as a medium for making a political critique (and also for the lolz)." 

Some People Have 2 Daddies by Kim Katz

Stonewall 1969 by Mike Funk

"Though many gay men had attended [Judy Garland's] funeral that day, the pop icon was not an urgent concern for the gender variant sex workers and homeless kids who slept in the partk across from Stonewall."

View the whole zine on Buzzfeed. 

Words of Widsom for a Teenage Girl by Sabrina Das, 2013

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Angola--History--Revolution, 1961-1975.

Calhoun School--Students. 

Characters and characteristics on television--Appreciation. (Because there's no LCSH yet for Skins or Effy Stonem.)

Children of same-sex parents.

China--History--Qing dynasty, 1644-1912.

Dominican Americans--Race identity.

Girls' bedrooms. 


Seasonal Farm Laborers Program. 

Stonewall riots, New York, N.Y., 1969.