Zine Cataloging: Friday the 13th, Part I

Gift of Kristie Miller

Clean Restrooms This Exit: a Travel Diary by Ashley Parker Owens, 1995

Crushed Angel #6: Tori Amos, Rape, Guest Columns by Courtney, 1996?

Dollface #4: Love & Guts by Amy, 1996

Dildo Zine #2: I ♥ Pussy Issue by Ducky DooLittle, 2001

The Fog of Clarity: a Miniseries, part 3 by Alli, 2003

Inner Monologue #1 by SaraEllen Strongman, 2004?

Jennifer #9: the Happy Childhood issue by Jennifer Mathieu, early 2000s?

March 6, 1989
I got my period. It was so weird, I was downstairs in the bathroom and looked and there it was on my underpants. I've got to go call Lisa.

From Jennifer's sixth grade diary.

Ocho y Media #1 by the collective, 1996?

Cover from SDSU Library Girl Zine Revolution! exhibit

Off the Beaten Path by Julie Summers, 2004

Red Diaper Baby #2 edited by Becky Ellis, 2003

Gift of the Creator

SqueeZine! #1 edited by Mayumi Miyaoka for the Brooklyn Accordion Club, 2014

Cover from the Brooklyn Accordion Club's Meetup

Purchased from the Creator

(H)afrocentric 1-3 by Juliana "Jewels" Smith, 2011?-2013

Hoax #10: Feminisms and Embodiments by rachel and sari, 2014

Cover from Homoground

Mess of a Dreamer: a Taylor Swift Fanzine by Erin Fae, 2014

It occured to me the other day that people now associate me with my love of Taylor Swift, that it has become one fo my defining characteristics. I am more than ok with that. Hi, I'm Erin. I'm an artist and a writer, and I really love Taylor Swift.

Cover from Erin Fae's Big Cartel shop

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Swift, Taylor, 1989- --Appreciation.