Zine Cataloging: First Day of Spring (?!?) 2015

Gift of Emily Nilsson

Ali & the King*s Tears by Q, illustrated by Fly, 2003

Biodiesel to the People! by Brent "Arrow" Baker, edited & drawn by Fly, 2006

page image from Art Metropole shop

Cliterally Speaking #1 by Quintessa Matranga and April Thompson, 2010

page image from Cliterally Speaking blog

The Empire Builder by A.M. O'Malley

cover from IPRC Zine of the Month Club

The Evil by MariNaomi, 2012

cover from Rob Clough's High-Low blog

The Fart Party #7 by Julia Wertz, 2007

I know! I'll move to Brooklyn, New York! It's way too far from home, way too expensive and will be complicated and difficult. It's perfect!

cover from Kevin Bramer's Optical Sloth blog

Faster Than Ever by La Nina, 2008

Killer Vegans on the Loose: a Recipe Book by KellyPants, 2010

Kinoko's the Epic of Gilgamesh #1 by Kinoko Evans, 2013

cover from Study Group blog

Lucky #2.5 by Gabrielle Bell, 201x

cover from Optical Sloth

Misery and Vomit #3 by Chantale, 1993?

My Alaskan Summer: a Comic by Corinne Mucha, 2008

cover from Corinne Mucha's website

Rock That Never Sleeps: Two Stories of Lost Memories by Olga Volozova & Juliacks, 2009

cover from Last Gasp

Trash or Treasure: the Ultimate Guide to Yard Sales by Sarah Swingset, 2005

Zine Cuisine #14 by Stumptown Underground, 20xx

Gift of the Creator

From U to You by Marissa Falco, 2014

cover from marissaland shop

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Biodiesel fuels industry--Comic books, strips, etc.

Garage sales--Handbooks, manuals, etc.