Zine Cataloging: the day before staycation

Since I'm on staycation, but finishing up my Friday cataloging, this is what I was looking at while working.

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Daddy's Girl #1 by Nikki, 1999

Ghost Girl #2 by Melody, 1997?

Sometimes you read a person's zine and you hope she's doing okay now, fifteen years after her mother told her "you make me sick. you are disgusting." upon that the zine maker was a lesbian by reading her zines and then throwing them plus all the zine maker's music, zines, and letters away.

The Girl Screams by Rachel, mid-1990s?

Girl Wonder #4 by Marisa Giannullo, 1997

Girlz with Gunz #9.5 by Moo, Goofy, and Bertha, 1994

Telegram #26 by Maranda Elizabeth, 2012

Allow yourself to feel jealous and make art anyway.

Cover from Portland Button Works

That Girl #2 by Kelli Callis, 1993

letters page photo from Barnard Zine Library on Flickr

That's a Wrap 2002 by Celia Perez (who I just told about this blog today. Hi Celia! There's a picture of me in your zine.), 2002

Undecided #7: Live from Pennsylvania by Nicole Wines, 2001

Under the Skin: Reconfiguring the Wor(l)d by Amanda Reckonwith and Elizabeth Ann, early 2000s?

Yard Wide Yarns #7 & 8 by Jessica Mills, 1999 & 2001?

On ensuring your child will be a punk, "I found out I was pregnant while on a two-month hitchhiking and train hopping free-for-all."

Cover from Grrrl Zine Network

אישה צעירה (Young Woman) by Shira Mario, 2011

It didn't occur to me that the tradition of Kapparot (the swinging of a live chicken around one's head, meant to transfer your sins to the bird) was not only unusual and inhumane, but something tht even the majority of practicing Jews don't do. I had no idea that there wasn't an excuse for all of the atrocities Israel committed in the name of "protecting" itself. And finally, I believed most of what I was told about women--menstruation is unpure, women should get married and have lots of kids, and they should be separated from men during prayers because they can be distracting.

pdf downloadable from QZAP

Gift of Ileana Jiménez

Sweeping the Stereotypes by Galiba Gofur and Mei-an Lee, 2015

In which high school students examine menstruation stigmas from around the world.

Gift of Marissa Falco

That Weird Artist Chick, vol. 1 by Marla Deschenes, 2012

"The personal is political," as we have all been told at one point or another. I took that idea and ran with it. That is, of course, until what was personal became, well, personal.

Gift of the Creator

Xerography Debt #37 edited by Davida Gypsy Breier, 2015

Cover from Xerography Debt website

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Menstruation--Cross-cultural studies.

Orthodox Judaism.