Zine Cataloging: Boxing Day 2014 (take 2)

Gift of the Calhoun School/Nicole Acosta Nemergut

Inwood at the End of the World by Nicole Acosta Nemergut, 2013

Kidz These Days by Chiara Wood, 2013

Gift of Jovana Babovic

Funky Spunk #6 by Amanda, 1997?

Gift of the Creator

ANXIETY toolkit by Alex Hays, 2014

Cover from Sweet Candy distro

#6: kitchen dancing

Composite: Multiple Translations #3, poet: Forugh Farrokhzad. 6 Translators in Search of a Poem, edited by Liz Henry, 2006

Cuddle Buddies by Pee Bucket and Piss Stanley, 2012

Daylighting by Liz Henry, 2011

Cover from Burn This Press

Girl Trouble #1 by Liz Henry and Laura Sauria, 1993

"Not sure if that special grrrl in your class 'likes' you? Let her know how you feel…ask her over after school to give each other matching scalp tattoos!" – Lizzard

The Seams & the Story #1: Goodbye to All That by Wren Awry, 2014

Mala Piel / Bad Skin by Carmen Berenguer, translated by Liz Henry, 2011

Cover from Burn This Press

Melvis Is Feminist by Pee Bucket and Piss Stanley, 2012

"Nobody isn't fucking hot in glitter underwear."

DIY Elvis drag recommendation "SEXY BULGE: The classic sock or even a maxipad!"

This zine librarian is taken with the notion of a maxipad as a fake penis--and sexy!

Moon Landing by Liz Henry, 2011

Sticks & Stones #5: Maps by the Barnard Zine Club (edited by Vanessa Thill '13, Nicole Leighton '13 and Caroline Park Kim '13), 2013

Purchased from the Creator

Doris #31 by Cindy Crabb, 2014

Cover from Portland Button Works

"Cape Cod" I said. We'll go there. We'll find an old empty beach house to stay in. I had never been there and was basing my "Beach House" theory on an old French film I had seen. It had nothing to do with any modern reality of the beach front property values, but it brought us back.

Sugar Needle #38 by Corina Fastwolf and Phlox Icona, 2014

Candies reviewed include Werewolf Hair cotton candy, chocolate tools, and a St. Patrick's Day potato.

Women of Color #7: Around Portland, edited by TJ, 2014

Cover from Portland Button Works

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Doctorow, E. L., 1931- --Ragtime--Criticism and interpretation.

Farrukhzad, Furugh.

Male impersonators--Netherlands--Comic books, strips, etc.

Persian poetry—Translations.