Zine Cataloging: August 7, 2015

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Fancy #10.5: Messages from the Laundramat and Other Journal Ramblings by Keight Bergmann, 1998

the last page of this "end of summer" zine


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the box



e m p t y .

Ghost Girl #1, 3 by Melody, 1996, 1998

today i got a flyer from Mills College in the mail & i told my  mom i want to go visit - then she told me she's starting to worry becuz i seem so anti-mail. Because i want to look at an all-female college, because i'm really into feminism, becuz i don't seem to like guys. #1

A Girl Called Mike by Taryn Hipp, 2004

Girl Germs #5 by Allison Wolfe, 1993?

And I'm not trying to say people like us [white-class girls] should ignore our own pain "cause there's always someone else worse off"--but i am saying we need to deal with it, identify it for what it is in all aspects and to not individualize (and de-politicize) our experiences as unique "special" unconnected to systematic oppression & privilege & basic fucked-upness. ...

... i want REAL change not just simulation of change. And that starts with making changes in our own lives & in our relationships with others.

Girl, Interrupted by Misty and Witknee, 1994?

Girlie Jones #7: the Awards Issue by Aimée Gagnon, Sarah Miller, Colleen Summer, and Zoë Miller, 1996

Good Not Bad: a Clothing Catalog, Myownbrain Productions, 1999

Good not Bad is a slap in the face of mini-skirts you can't walk in, dresses that are too cold for winter and pants that are too hot to go dancing in. Liberate yourself from clothes that are uncomfortable and non-functional.

Graham Cracker Cereal #1 by Hope, 1996

i'm sitting in my room writing this in randolph new jersey, otherwise known as suburban hell. but i'm having fun. suburban hell is what you make of it.

doing this zine is what i made of it.

Grass Greener Fences by Marla Tiara, 2002

Gumption by Sheri Trudeau, 1995

Gurlz with Guns #1, 7 by Moo and Goofy, 1993, 1994?

Gift or Trade from the Creator

Goodbye Philadelphia by Sarah Mae Allard, 2015?

Grow Up! A Homage to Pseudo-Adulthood by Sara Baier, 2011

I'm plagued by the fear that I'm not a "real" adult and everyone around me knows it. Lately, I'm obsessed with the concept of adulthood yet I couldn't begin to define what it means to be an adult.

Page from Sara Bear's website

Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison, edited by Victoria Law, 2014