Zine Cataloging: August 28, 2015

Gift of the Creator

Archives Creep by Dinah Handel and Hilary Price, 2015

Made by outgoing Barnard Archives Fellows as a gift for archivists Shannon O'Neill and Martha Tenney, this zine contains unprofessional excerpts from a professional email list, stickers and handdrawn illustrations.

Photo by me

LIS Microaggressions Vol. 1 No. 3 edited by Cynthia Mari Orozco, Erika Montenegro, & Simone Fujita, 2015

photo by me

In which librarians write microaggressions they've experienced at work on sticky notes and mail them to the editor.

...same boss explained his Speedy Gonzalez-esque impersonation of a Mexican-American wasn't racist b/c his brother is a Mormon Missionary in Africa.

Racist ignorance like this really happens.

Low-Tech Library by Chella Quint, 2006

Cover from Books, Gifts... blog

This zine is dedicted to the libraries and librarians who raised me in the wild, hooked me up, turned me on and kept me company in the stacks: [list].

Syndicate Product #15: Coming Clean edited by A.j. Michel, 2010

Cover from A.j.'s Etsy shop

Water Underground: Three Weird SF Stories by a Girl Engineer by Penny Cleveland, 2006

YES by Rachael K, 2010

On learning to admire Yoko Ono more than John Lennon

put it down to
to demonise a woman   who
wanted to create
and create art
to that effect.

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Death and Tortillas #14 by Erin McWilliams, 1998

The Deep South Mouth #4: the "Life's a Trip" issue by Coleen Murphy, 2003

D #3 & 4 by C, late 1990s?

Design 816 #8 by Michelle, late 1990s?

Ripe by Cheryl B. edited by Ducky DooLittle, 1996

Instead I drove off and lifted the leather man's face out of my crotch by his hair wishing he was a girl, preferably Sylvia Plath. Why couldn't Sylvia Plath have been licking my clit that night as I drove down Rt. 35?

Wasted Style #10 & 11 by Jamillah James, 2000

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Microaggressions. (proposed to the Library of Congress by your zine librarian!)