Zine Cataloging: 9/6 and 7 and 8

From Keight Bergmann's Collection

Brainscan #15 by Alex Wrekk, 2001.
Alex being uncharacteristically emo:

"i'm o.k. now.
"i reinforced my heart with duct tape and portland rain."

Liggie Wog: Summer Tour 2000 by Eleanor Whitney, 2000?
Turn of the 21st century pop band and its Geocities links. 

Looks Yellow Tastes Red #s 17-19 by Colette, 1998-1999.

Metamorphosis: a Small Piece of Semi-Fiction by Katherine Bridges, 2000.
Why must she be a teenage printmaker in love?

Neon Zoe #1 by Lauren Michele Fardig, 1999.

Red Charming Mini Catalog by Emily K. Larned, 2001?
Cute things to read and wear, made by Booklyn artist Emily.

Reflections Two Years Since by Eleanor Whitney, 2003. 
9/11, from a political activist's point of view, two years after.

A Renegade's Handbook to Love & Sabotatge #1 by Ciara Xyerra, 2000.

Cover from Sallie Bingham Center blog post.

Revise and Shred, Part One by Katrina, Summer 1999.

Secret Agent Chicken by Miss Helen, 2000.
Cover description by Juliana, "badly photocopied picture of something."
DIY tiara, eating flowers, notice of government surveillance of email. 

Skeleton by Amanda Wheeler, early 2003.

Slander #7 by Mimi Nguyen, 1999.
To my memory, this is the most personal of Mimi's zines, written while she was a grad student at UC Berkeley, is still plenty political. 

Soon I Am Moving by Sarah, 2002. 
Sounds like: procrastination!

Street Kids in PDX by Dinner and a Movie, 2005?
Interviews with and statistics about homeless young people in Portland, Oregon.

Telectric #2 by Samantha, 2002. 
"So I feel that I should explain this. I started Telectric n2 at last summer's end, and then a parade of things got in the way. Not only did I move, but there were money issues, layout issues, and the ever-present Being A Perfectionist issues. But one day I decided that stressing over it was silly. Plus, I had more to say. So here we are."

A Tiny Tiny Adventure by Amanda Wheeler and Marissa Falco, 2005. 

Tiny tiny children in an evilly mean wider world. 

Wasabi Star by Moira Clunie, 2001.

Photo of Wasabi Star green wall from Moira's Flickr stream.

Moira and her bf are shacking up and painting the walls. 

Word #5 by Alison Picard, 2000.
Fancy interlaced pages!

Woven #s 4 & 5 by Moira Clunie, 2001-2002. 
Neat fold on #4. It's a one-page folding-zine with an extra flap. 

Cover of #5 from Moira's blog

You're Perfectly Smashing by Vanessa Berry, 2002?

And, finally, from our International Zine Library Day event

An Exploration of Heart-Wrenching Soul Music Lyrics by Sy, 2013. 
Collages set to lyrics from songs by Bobby Bland, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding. 

Image courtesy of the artist. 

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Children's stories, New Zealand.

Homeless youth--Interviews.

Picture books.


Soul music--Appreciation.