Zine Cataloging: 9/26/14

Gift of A.j. Michel

Gastrolator #3 by Elizabeth Tamny, 2002

Cover from The-Extender

Haunted Ground by Karen H., 2011?

Cover from CrableZines

Junk/Food by Judy, 2003

Lack of Decorum #2 by Melonie Fullick, 2003?

Cover from Great Worm zine distro

Pony Express Zine #1: June Mail by Rebekah Buchanan, 2006

Santa Pants by Karen H., Rosie R. and Rachel M., ?

Cover from Rose Beerhorst

Gift of the Creator

Freak #2-5 by Cheryl Yanek, 1990s

In which I learn that fellow librarian Cherie was a public library page in high school. Me, too, though I didn't last very long. I thought it was super dull and got a job at Baskin Robbins instead. 

"i'll pick the the lettuce to eat for dinner, skip the dressing, i'm a rabbit. please hunt me, i'm prey."


0800 - 0815 Introduction, Opening Remarks
0815 - 0915 Plot to Overthrow World Leadership
0915 - 0930 BREAK - Coffee and donuts
0930 - 1030 Undermine World Religions
1030 - 1200 General Attacks on the Institution of the American Family

1200 - 1300 Catered Lunch and Fashion Show
1300 - 1330 Plot to Remove All Men From The World
1330 - 1400 BREAK - Cake and Champagne
1400 - 1500 Leave Husbands (If Applicable)
1500 - 1530 Kill Children
1530 - 1700 Become Lesbian

1730+          Evening Mixer; Open Bar

Fugly Sunglasses: Vintage Fashion as Feminist Practice by Katie Haegele, 2013?

Girls on the Street: the Kind of Fashion I Like by Katie Haegele, 2014?

The Real New York City: Friendship, Sexwork & Beyond by Cheryl Yanek, 2001

Yo, Miss: a Graphic Look at High School by Lisa Wilde, 2013-2014

Yo Miss cover
Cover from Yo, Miss

Purchased from the Publisher via Zibbet

Black/Inside: a History of Captivity & Confinement in the United States by Mariame Kaba, Billy Dee and Teresa Silva, 2014

Cover from Prison Culture

A Support Zine for Marissa Alexander by FreeMarissaAlexander, 2013

Cover from Zibbet

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Charter schools.

Defecation--Personal narratives.

Haunted houses. 

Sexual dominance and submission--Employees.

Women long-distance runners.