Zine Cataloging: 7/7/14

Acquired at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest

Better Days: Stuff That Helps with All This Anxiety by Sarah, 2014

Cover from Pioneers Press

"The Internet: Sometimes the only way to decompress is by watching cats act like humans and baby humans dance like grown folk."

Cat Help Is the Best Help by Stevie Wilson, 2013

Interior pages from Stevie's Tumblr

Coffee & Ziggurats #1: a Nonlinear Progression Through Time by April, 2012

Cover photo from Feminist Zine Fest interview

Encuentro #2 by Slim Lopez, 2012

"Even as I wrote about the need to include & keep in mind the experiences of working class women of color, I hypocritically ignored the amazing woman that is my mother."

Zine from Slim's blog

Keep It Real Keep It DIY: Papercut Zine Library, 2013ish?

Like Weeds #1: Depression Elimination by Brandi Lee, 2009

Mini Guide to the Zine Collections of the Pioneer Valley by Alana Kumbier, 2014

Covers photo from Hampshire College Library

No Better Than Apples #9 by Kate Larson, 2012?

Covers photo from Kate's blog

NYC Feminist Zine Fest 2014 by Jordan Alam, 2014

Thor of the Pineys by Dre Grigoropol, 2014?


Purchased from the Author

Feeling Alone #1-2 by Human Bean, 2012-2013

Cover from Marching Stars zine distro

Tributaries #1-4 by JC, 2011?-2013

Covers from JC's Tumblr


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Motivation (Psychology)--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Multiple sclerosis--Patients.

Psychiatric hospital patients.