Zine Cataloging: 2/6/15

Acquired from the Creator

Favourite Dating Tales: New Art Every Day by Elisha Lim, 2013

Page image from Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian blog

Ker-bloom! #109: And Back Again by Artnoose, 2014

The allure of cross-country road travel has many subtleties lost on the sensibilities of a toddler.

Cover from Sweet Candy zine distro

The Orgasm Zine #2 edited by Tamara Harkness and Amanda Stevens, 2014

...orgasms are about the journey, not the destination.

on faking it, "You shouldn't do that! It makes it harder for other women!"

Plan Z[ine]: the Last 2 Yrs of the Roberts Street Social Centre by Melissa, Amanda and Emily, 2014

And the best thing is we have heat!

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

2 Words R Love, 1999

Gift of Kristie Miller

Beautiful Bras & Bodyhair #3 edited by Nadine Wettlaufer and Colleen Gray, 2000

Cover from incar_nadine

Casual Librarian by Ruthanne Price, 2005

I got to be the enforcer tonight! No horseplay! No MSN Messenger! No staying after close to finish bibliographies! Get out of the library, jerks!

Truth be told, few librarians if any that I'm friendly with, enjoy playing library cop. I do, however, think it's jerky when people linger after closing after having been given a million "the library is closing in X minutes" warnings. The person trying to get you out of the library probably went off the clock at closing time, so if you keep a library staff member late, you should probably pay them time and half for ever second your selfish butt refuses to leave its grungy chair.

Haven't Outed Myself to Grandma #1 edited by Jessica Sweat, Jacinta Bunnell, and others,1999

In which Bea Arthur is the poster grandma.

Photo (same as the one on the zine's cover, n/a online) from Dann Dulin

Hell Kitty #6 by Julie, 1995

Ladyfriend #6: the Food Issue edited by Christa, 2004ish?

Cover from Christa Donner's shop

Listen to Me Whine #5 Michelle, 1996

Looks Yellow, Tastes Red #8 by Colette, 1996

the funny thing about writing what i really feel in zines is that it is all outdated by the time it is read. it leaves my bobdy via pen or typewriter keyes & it gets laid down on these pages and is read...& i have changed & it is pieces of me & what i have been at different moments. in this zine i have written, for example, about romance and being afraid of losing myself...but i don't have those fears anymore and the words leave a stain. i let them remain on the paper. they are not a lie. they are very true, but my focus changes. i have written millions of opinions, they may change or grow or dissolve yet they will remain on the page for you to read.

Medusa #1 by Tanya, 1996

In which a new mother names her zine Medusa and follows a pro-homeschooling/anti-organized education essay by a handwritten "DeGRASSI HIGH RULES!"

Thrift Score #10 by Al Hoff, 1997

Xerography Debt #15 edited by Davida Gypsy Breier, 2004

Cover from Xerography Debt website

When She Was Good #4 by Jenny Humphrey, 1994

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Jesus Christ--Appreciation.