Zine Cataloging 12/20/13

Acquired from the Authors

Kwueen Shadez #s 1 & 2 by Ashley Hicks and Toi Scott, 2011-12.

"For queer people of color by queer people of color."


Gift of Mimi Thi Nguyen & the POC Zine Project

Behind These Fragile Walls #1 by Lan, 1998. 

Boredom Sucks #2 by Lauren, 1995.

Borelando by Mimi Ilano, 1995.

Chinese, Japanese, Indian Chief: a Compilation Zine of Writings About Race edited by Bianca Ortiz and Shizu Saldamando, 1996?

Consider Yourself Kissed #2 by Yumi, 1999.

Cyanide #1 by Lynn Hou, 1998.

Eracism #s 1-2 edited by Tamra, 1996-1997?

Exedra #4 by Kim Carlyle and Sonia Skindrud, 1993. 

Hell: inability to exercise my multiplicity in a two-dimensional world. --Sonia

Funeral #s 2 & ? by Sugar.

3. define: PRIVELEDGE
first, do you know how to spell it?
where can you buy it?
do your parents lend you $$$$, or 

7. define: Appropriation
what do all these things have in common?
-punk scene
-grateful dead/dead-head scene
-white funk
-new age
-mens movement
-white grrlfeminism
-middleclass girls gentrifying the sextrade
-Beastie Boys
-supermarket jazz
-Led Zeppelin
-Taco Bell, John Spencer "Blues" Explosion

Hey Mexican! by Bianca Ortíz, 1996?

Hey, White Girl by Elizabeth Anne. 

is not something that i made up.
(so stop acting like it is, ok?)


you know wanna know what, my definition [of racism] includes the term, "but i'm not a racist."

Hollyhock #s 3 by Lida, split with My War by Michelle G. & 4.5, 1996?

7. Do yr parents read yr zine?

one-don't know seven-yes ten-no

8. Do yr parents know you even do a zine?

fifteen-yes four-no


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Teenagers with disabilities.