Zine Cataloging: 1/2/15

Gift of Kristie Miller

Beating Around the Bush: a Sexual Health Zine by PussyWillow (women's health collective), 2001

Includes a top ten public places in Toronto to have sex, on which #2 is The Church of Scientology.

Boredom Sucks #6 by Lauren Martin, 1994

But a Paper Dress #3 by Julie Ana Klausner, 1994

Cover from We Make Zines

Cherry Pop #4 by Karen, 1996

Crack the Sidewalk! by Ketchup, 2003

The Edgy-catin' Mama #3, edited by Nina Packebush, Gaynor Taylor and Tracy Million Simmons, 2002

Garbage Revisited #5: Through the Looking Glass / How I Found Wonderland by Vivian Thomas, 2006?

Hag Rag #7 by Skuld, 2001

Herd #1 & 3 edited by Jennifer Huebert, 1992 & 1994

"Mail art's rightful place is on the fringe.  If you want to be part of the establishment, then go for it; but don't drag the network with you..I don't want to see us blindly kill what we love." - Carol Stetser in no. 1

Ending a male privilege denying letter to the editor, "P.S. if anyone reads bias into this, they are free to discuss it w/ my brilliant & secure women friends." Joe Coughlin in no. 3

Gift the Creator

I Can't Even: Some Stuff I Drew About How Stuff Is Weird. I Think You Might Like It by Rae Whitlock, 2014

These are comics mostly about social anxiety. E.g.,

"What'd you do this weekend?"
"Oh, y'know."
"Mostly stared out the window and panicked."

Seawitch #1-3 by Clementine Morrigan, 2014

Cover from Broken Pencil

In Femme as Fuck in issue 1, "there is absolutely nothing masculine about my armpit hair."

Tatebitate #1 by Clarissa Butelli & Naiade Margonar, 2014

Cover from Facebook

Trade with the Creator

Zebra Pizza #1 by Ziba Zehdar, 2014

Cover from Flickr

Pizza is patient
Pizza is kind
It does not envy
It does not burn
It is not evil...
It always perseveres.
Pizza never fails...
Where there are no Papa John's
All will pass away...
- I Papa John 69: 7-11

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Monkees (Musical group)

Monkees (Television program)

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder