Zine Cataloging: 10/17/14

Acquired at the Brooklyn Zine Fest

The 13 Monster Commandments by C.J. Colligan, 2014

215: Our Hearts Belong to Philadelphia edited by Kerri Radley, 2013?

Cover from StrangerDanger zine distro

Always & Forever: a Zine About Friendship edited by Heather C., 2014

"I'm not sure what I found more upsetting: that I was in an abusive relationship or that my situation was so typical that it could be easily described in a handful of words on one side of a laminated bookmark." Caitlin Constantine referring to the situation with her husband (now ex) whose douchebaggy ways prevented her from making and sustaining friendships.  

Among the Things edited by Jordan Alam and Devon Spencer, 2014

Art School Is Hell edited by Nia King, 2013

"benign racism" a phrase an art school professor actually used to respond to Nia's concerns about racist caricatures in her class crit.

Cover from Brown Recluse zine distro

#ArtLife: Musings and Advice from a Queer Art Activist of Color by Nia King, 2012?

Cover from 3rd Language Etsy

Black Lesbians in the 80's @ Lesbian Herstory Archives curated by Sherley C. Olopherne, 2014

Cover from Queens College Print History Collection

Black Lesbians in the 90's @ Lesbian Herstory Archives curated by Sherley C. Olopherne, 2014

Cover from Queens College Print History Collection

Black Lesbians @ Lesbian Herstory Archives 2000-2010 curated by Sherley C. Olopherne, 2014

Cover from Queens College Print History Collection

Chosen Ones: a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fanzine edited by Holli Mintzer, 2014

Cover from nonasuch blog, download the pdf

"I had come to grad school to learn how to craft 'serious literature,' but for some reason, this show about attractive people fending off a low-budget apocalypse was right what I needed at that moment in my life."

A Crash Course on the Sogdians by Marguerite Dabaie, 2014

Cover from AncestralLuster Etsy shop

Deafula #7 by Kerri Radley, 2014

Cover from Portland Button Works

"disability is not a fact. not a scientific truth or untruth. disability is socially constructed." ...

"poor eyesight is so incredibly common that our society does not consider it a disability. if we were in some kind of wilderness situation where we didn't have access to glasses, a good portion of us would be floundering and at a serious disadvantage. but in our actual world, we are not. we have made glasses and contact lenses extremely accessible. accommodations for poor eyesight are abundant and normalized. they are typically covered by insurance. wearing glasses has been formalized. wearing glasses is not seen as 'less than' or 'broken.'"

Fangirl 4 Life: Fandom, Feminism, & the Fictional Girls Who Taught Me to Be Strong by Holli Mintzer, 2014?

Cover from nonasuch blog. Download the pdf.

"I give negative fucks about someone who started watching Doctor Who last week and thinks it's really cool. That person does me no harm; someday, they could be my friend. The guy who, upon hearing that I like comics, starts in with the scornful pop-quizzing? That guy is a problem."

Scar Topography and Epilogue by Kim Cody, 2014

Gift of the Author

Kaiho by Katie Haegele, 2013?

Photo from Katie's GoodReads

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Sogdians--Comic books, strips, etc.

Statins (Cardiovascular agents)--Side effects.