Zine Abstracting Report: March 6, 2011

Let's Talk About Consent (Zines D84c) is available as a PDF through Philly's Pissed dot Net.

Listen To Me Whine (Zines M5344w)

Lite (Zines C57578l) is an artsy political perzine about the struggle of women throughout history.

Living Doll Disaster (Zines W55844d) should definitely catch your mini-comic reading eye - the pages are simple and uncluttered, making it easy to read.

Lollygag (Zines L446g) is racy and also interesting; this sex-focused zine does more than just talk about the act by including art and some great written pieces.

Lost Star Found (Zines F737s)

Loud As Hell (Zines A564h) gives us a perspective into being an "alternative chyck" at a prep school in this perzine.

Loudmouth! (Zines S49m) is a really great political zine that, in this issue, covers all that you'd want to know about "radical menstruation" and alternatives to having a consumer-based period.

Love Bubbles (Zines G65334b) is your litzine fix, with pieces that range from music and art reviews to prose writing about personal identity.

Love Letter (Zines H37757l) is a perzine that discusses the hard reality of breakups and new beginnings through the eyes of Thara Harris. She was interviewed about her zine in 2001 at Grrrl Zines.

Love Letters to Monsters #3/Alabama Girl #9 (Zines X84l no.3) is a fabulous split zine that talks about Ciara Xyerra's decision to close the Learning to Leave a Paper Trail distro and her opinions on community. Aleicia Ruscin gives us some important messages about grad school and the punk community in Kansas in her half of the zine.

Love Like Pop (Zines K83p) is an interesting perzine that talks about race and the intersections that come from being a Chinese Australian woman.

Lovelace (Zines L6845) is an art zine devoted to Linda Lovelace of Deep Throat fame and her relationship with both the porn industry and the anti-porn movement after that movie came out.

Lovely Ugly Cruel World (Zines R4434u no.9) is a serial fiction and comic book that can also be found at    Lunar Circuitry.

Lovesongs (Zines F3853l)

Mind Maps (Zines C364m) is an art zine collection of Venn diagrams that show the connections between different though processes.

Mindfill (Zines F434m no.1)

Minimum Rock n Roll (Zines A4557m no. 2) is a music and political zine.

Mischa (Zines N3837m) talks about reclaiming your girlhood in later years - but this time, with total control.

Miss Mary Mack (Zines V574m)

Miss Sequential #3, S.F. 2009 (Zines F34m no.3) is the perzine account of Marissa Falco's trip to the San Francisco Zine Fest and all the fun she had during that trip.

Mistake (Zines G56m) is Sarah Gion's illicit zine creation after her parents told her that she could no longer do zines due to their strict beliefs about inappropriate material and bisexuality.

More Signs You Do A Zine (Zines B745m) is a fun set of lists that tell you about whether you do in fact fit the profile of a zinester.