Zine Abstracting Report: February 27, 2011

The Curse by Daisy Decapite: Zines D4337c

"The Curse is intended to bring relief to the charming, witty, bright, lively, lonely, tired, but extraordinary Women of Williamsburg... Maybe it will help you enjoy your bleedin' day."

Dig Deep by Heather Colby: Zines H4384d

Instigations from the Whore Revolution (both 2001 and 2002 editions) by Emi Koyama: Zines K693i 2001, Zines K693i 2002

Get an interesting look from a sex worker about academic reactions to sex work and how stereotypic they can be. Check out Emi Koyama's website Eminism: right here.

Introvert by Nicole Introvert: Zines I587

It Came from the Eighties by Sarah Gion: Zines G56i

Eighties nostalgia brought to you by the very children that experienced it.

Jamie Starr's Queer Bits by Abby Denson: Zines D467j

Mini-comics! Don't you just love 'em? Check out more of Abby Denson's comics here at Abby Comix.

Jellybean by Katy Weselcouch: Zines W474j

Jennifer Daydreamer by Jennifer Daydreamer: Zines D39 no. 9

Another great mini-comics piece that the artist calls "sloppy," but is far from it! Check out further work by artist Jennifer Whiteford at her blog.

Jenny's Zine by Jenny Mayrock: Zines M397j

This zine was made during the Pre-College Program summer of 2010.

Jewels for Survival by Aaminah Al-Naksibendi: Zines A463j

This zine tells the story of being a marginalized minority in the United States: the author is a Muslim Native American woman with a child and she discusses the stigmatization that comes from being such. Check out more of her writing at Aaminah Writes and More.

Juncture 99 by Marie: Zines M3754j

Kachina #22 by Mona Weiner: Zines M655k

Keep Yer Kitty Wet by Wynde Dyer: Zines W96k

Kill by Aimey Manson: Zines M3676k

Kiss & Tell by Jem Ross: Zines R677k

Jem Ross' "sex life in 21 pages" is entertaining and full of different titillating experiences!

Kurt Cobain Was Lactose Intolerant Conspiracy Zine by Kelli Williams: Zines W55k

Read this and you will be of two minds: one that says the idea is plausible, and the second that says the author was just messing around.

Laburnum by Marie: Zines M375l no. 4

Issue four "Live Free or Die" talks about a miraculous summer being a counselor at a kid's camp.

Ladybug by Yvonne Gomes: Zines G664b

Really sweet first zine made in 24 hours by Yvonne, a woman in Portugal.

Learning to Leave a Paper Trail by Ciara Xyerra: Zines X84p

Letters to Boo by Amy & Maureen: Zines H655b

Life is Far Too Important... To Be Taken Seriously by Victoria Papalieu: Zines P3735s

Made during the Pre-College Program summer 2010.

Life is Short... Memories are Plentiful! by Byunn Kiryoon: Zines B98m

Made during the Pre-College Program summer 2010.

Light into Darkness by Aimey Manson: Zines M3676d