What's Up, I'm Kyara!

Hey zine fam,

My name is Kyara aka DJ Troy Frost, I am origninally from Roxbury, a neighborhood in Boston, MA and am currently a junior majoring in Africana studies. I am also a peer educator for the Well Woman Office at Barnard and a resident in the Intercultural Resource Center at Columbia. This is my second year as an assistant for the Barnard Zine Library. 

My first "omg, zines are mad dope" moment was last year while writing an abstract for a zine entiled What is this thing called M.E.; a zine on menstrual extraction and it's history in D.I.Y abortion; a method I had never heard of before. What I love most about zines is that they make me aware of the information and narratives that have actively been left out of mainstream media. Two zinesters that have pushed me to think more critically are Osa Atoe, creator of "Shotgun Seamstress," and Nia King, creator of "When the White Man Gives You Money." Check them out!!

When I'm not reading zines, I enjoy painting, watching "Living Single" re-runs, studying Erykah Badu, and hanging with my little brothers. <3

Here I am DJing at the NYC Feminist Zine Fest '14, so much fun!