WBAR Zine Call for Submissions

We're asking for submissions (poetry, prose, comics, artwork, concert/album reviews, haikus, etc.) from YOU--WBAR DJ's, members of the CU community, WBAR alumni, musicians, zinesters, Barnard-zinesters & assorted randos not necessarily affiliated with WBAR or CU and interested in contributing to a zine.

Send in your music-related submissions (or cover designs) to wbarzine@gmail.com before JANUARY 17th with the subject line "submission" or "cover." Please limit your submission to one 8 1/2 x 11 in. page. 


More information will be made available next semester about our joint zine release party/student showcase.

Write/draw/craft/whatever your zine submission over winter break and submit it to wbarzine@gmail.com.

Download past editions of WBAR's Static Zine (Vol's 1 and 4) for inspiration here:


And here: