Today in Zine Cataloging: 4/26/13

Lipstick My Espionage #1 by Kat Asharya, who profiles Margaret Sanger, Aeon Flux, and Eloise. 

Low Hug #4 by A.j. Michel, in library school at the time

  • In which we hear from Karl Nyce about Woodstock 99

"I swear to you that there is NO exaggeration contained herein. This is exactly what happened..."

  • Editor A.j. reveals her first name
  • "...under the disillusionment that 1) I was straight and 2) Simon T. was an acceptable excuse for a boyfriend..." Davida Gypsy Breier attends an Eric Clapton concert and gets warm beer vomited upon her person. 
  • A.j. profiles The Oxygen Network, using the term shEcommerce. 
  • A.j. gives Good Eats (food show) and I Dreamed I Was Assertive (zine) glowing reviews
  • A Law & Order quiz

Malady #1: Job Hunt by Malady c/o the IPRC: the story and drawings about being an out of work massage therapist are great, but what I can't get out of my head is a 21st century young person not knowing how to word process, "He set me up on Microsoft Word, showed me to to underline stuff and change the font. Then he printed it out."

Manya: Falling by Jen Banka and Kris Dresen. They remind us that "just because a woman isn't cheery and smiley and offering to bake you a blueberry pie...DOESN'T MEAN SHE'S SHEDDING HER UTERINE LINING!"

Melt the Snow #s 9 & 13 by Teri Vlassopoulos. I'm preparing to respond to a talk on scrapbooks in archives and was struck by this passage from #9: 

"...I suppose it's not so much reorganizing as it is creating because it's strange isn't it, deciding what you'd like to keep and what you wouldn't like to keep and if I save this letter from a person whom I was friends with before but not anymore, does that mean when I read the letter in 20 years, I will trick myself into believing that we were always friends? My mother hurt her leg a few months ago but in all the photographs we took this summer the can was hidden and my hair was down even though she used that cane all the time and even though my hair was up most of the time. 

"So it's this bending of memories that is sort of occupying my thoughts these days. The thought of memories and perception and is the way I see you the way that you see me? Is the way that I see this the way that you see it?"

Nerd Gerl #3 by Eleana T. Soooo 1995 high school girl!

Not 'Queer' as in Radical, but 'Lesbian' as in Fuck You! by Rachel.

"In this zine I specifically explored revisionism (especially in regards to HIV / AIDS activism), the significance of creative participation, what queer community in action can and should look like (at what point does glitter active?), and the queer academic industrial complex."


"I've come to the unsettling realization that identifying as queer over lesbian has been, for me, a way of paying lip service to men."

O! an Ode by Moira Clunie, to which I assigned the new-to-Barnard subject heading Soymilk--Appreciation. 

xXWBARXx the WBAR Radio 20th anniversary zine

Here at the Barnard Zine Library we're just as psyched to get a second copy of a zine as a first. Second copies go in the open stacks and can be browsed by anyone and borrowed by Barnard and Columbia affiliates. Here are the seconds we added this weekend: 

Lipstick My Espionage #2 by Kat Asharya
Mad Girl's Lovesong #6 by Shari Wang, now known as Esmé Weijun Wang
Mango #3 by Annette Lauder
Melt the Snow #12 by Teri Vlassopoulos
Nerd Gerl #4 by Eleana T.