Sexual Assault Awareness Month: a zine reading list

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which is as good a time as any to draw attention to zines in our collection that discuss sexual assault, relationship violence, and gender-based violence in general. Zines serve as powerful places where survivors are able to tell their stories in an unedited format, and can also provide resources for survivors and those interested in learning more about sexual violence.


Here are just some of the many zines Barnard’s collection has that cover these topics. Click here for a more complete CLIO listing.


All of the zines below are available from our circulating collection in the LeFrak Center stacks and can be checked out at the circulation desk. Zines listed as available from “Barnard Special Collections (non-circulating)” are currently offsite and can be requested for delivery to LeFrak. Email at least a week in advance of your visit; materials must be requested by 11 AM Thursday.



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Sexual assault and radical communities

Zines about taking action

Personal stories

Zines for survivors


Sexual assault and radical communities

Quarrel : stories of survivor self determination direct action, strategies for safer spaces & ripping patriarchy to shreds

Zines Q37 2012

"Quarrel is a Bay Area affinity group that formed to take names and kick ass with an anti-colonial, queer, feminist boot." The group's zine is comprised of personal stories of confronting and attempting to remove members of the anarchist community who sexually assault female activists. Quarrel uses direct action and community accountability instead of getting the police involved and contributing to the prison industrial complex.

Image via Quarrel.


Radical slut dis-covery : Building & re-building our sexual selves

Zines M534r

Midge and Emiliah put together this zine after deciding to do a polyamory workshop for survivors of sexual assault. The zine includes resources for survivors and communities, including a quiz for men entitled, "Are You a Manarchist?, Midge's and Emiliah's personal stories, guidelines for becoming comfortable with sex and your body after sexual assault, suggestions for confronting assaulters and sample lists of demands for assaulters, and ideas for how a community can both support a survivor and help an assaulter change their behavior.


What do we do when? A zine about community response to sexual assault

Zines B4553w

This political compzine focuses on the issue of sexual assault and rape in radical communities, and was created by a sexual assault survivor after she was raped while staying at a friend's squat in Dublin. She describes her experiences and also shares testimonies of others involved, as well as writings from other cases of sexual assault that occurred in radical spaces, such as several that were perpetrated at a festival in Philadelphia. Philly's Pissed! contributes, as well as Radical Slut Re-Discovery, and there are reprints from Maximum Rocknroll and Baby I'm a Manarchist. This zine includes personal narrative, political prose, community guidelines, suggestions for perpetrator accountability and community action, and guidelines for those who have been called out for sexual assault.


Zines about taking action

Danger! Hole no. 4 : When "no" means "yes"

Zines D695d no. 4

Lucy Doyle, an eighteen-year-old queer riot grrrl, feminist, high school student and frequent internet user, writes an extended zine about sexual assault, harassment, and rape. The text-centric, sometimes collaged format includes checklists, personal accounts, coloring pages, and Doyle's writing documenting failures in academia, activism, and popular culture in dealing with the pervasive effects of sexual violence. The zine also includes entries from friends Lucy Gruesome, Julie Ruin, and a review of, with entries from their website.

Image via Danger! Hole Zine Big Cartel.


A d.i.y. guide to preventing sexual assault

Zines D22

This collage-style DIY zine gives definitions of sexual assault, tips on how to prevent it for oneself and others, and ways to help survivors. It references the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, RAINN.


Let's talk : feminist communication for radicalizing sex, consent, & interpersonal dynamics

Zines F835t 2012

Compiled by feminist political collective Fuckin A and abuse survivor network Support New York, this zine with illustrations by Elvis Bakaitis (Lesbians in Herstory and other zines) provides an overview on how to achieve radical consent and healing in sexual relationships. It offers advice on how to communicate openly about sex, how to break away from the traditional gender binary, and how to establish sexual boundaries and respect those of a partner, emphasizing how to respond when an abuse survivor has been triggered.

Image via Sprout Distro.


This building is bigoted

Zines N563t 2011

Nina and Becca address the dangers of ableism, the social construction of disability, and how disabled people are targets for sexual assault.


Personal stories

Greenzine no. 13

Zines R62g

Road, a queer working class Latina from Miami, discusses her upbringing and travels across the United States as well as providing written and illustrated discourses on gender, sexuality, activism, and racism in the punk community.

Image via ZineWiki.


Hoax. no. 9, Feminisms and vulnerabilities

Zines M277h no.9 2013

There is an interview with Daniela Capistrano, founder of the POC Zine Project, a piece from a mental health worker about the American mental health system and its failure to properly counsel people from other cultures and religions, feelings regarding transphobic and femme-phobic behaviors in the feminist community, and a person's personal experiences using BDSM and using rape fantasies to reclaim sexuality after being sexually assaulted.

Image via Hoax Zine.


Two rapes in the third person to be read deadpan

Zines A77t

A cross between abstract poetry and a journal, this typewritten experimental personal zine describes the presence of sexual harassment and assault in everyday life and the ways in which men wield power over women.


Vulnerable : sexuality, safety, and vulnerability : a collection of writings

Zines W437v

Women discuss their thoughts about rape, acquaintance rape, incest, sexuality, vulnerability, and silence through personal essays, comics, poems, and pictures in this political compilation zine. Contributors include a trans woman. There is also a discussion of male allies.


You've got a friend in Pennsylvania no. 2

Zines M277y no.2

This perzine includes diary entries and photographs from Sari's trip to Slovenia and essays about issues such as queer identity, immigration, shaving, and name changing. There are also stories from the gender variant author's personal life, dealing with topics ranging from sexual assault to conversations with hir mother. Each issue includes DIY activities and vegan recipes, along with recommended zines and books.


Zines for survivors

Survive, empower, resist : A resource guide for survivors of sexual assault in New York City

Zines S877 2008

This edition of the extensive political zine includes a list of resources, spaces, books, and zines for New York City survivors of sexual assault with an emphasis on defining and restructuring consent. Written by the Support New York Collective, the zine reprints an article from Clamor, an article about race and sexual assault, and an article about substance abuse and sexual assault. Utilizing found pop art images, the zine is trans and queer sensitive and also includes resources for male survivors.


Voces : a zine by the Voices Against Violence Project : no. 3

Zines M368v no.3

Voces is a compilation zine with stories, poems, and photographs from people of color, indigenous folks, trans people and queer survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and sexual assault. Included topics are healing from trauma, transformative words used as a healing mechanism, enabling healing, life after trauma, self help guides and resources, self healing, forgiveness and collective healing.

Image via Hermana Resist.

For more information on Sexual Assault Awareness Month, visit the National Sexual Violence Resource Council’s website. For more information on Sexual Assault Awareness Month at Barnard and Columbia, visit this events page.