Readin & Fightin #1

Among a lovely donation of zines from Naima Coster, we received a copy of Readin' & Fightin': Insisting on Literature by Women of Color by Camille, a recent college graduate who lamented what was missing from her history and literature education. She decided to read only books by other women of color and then created a bibliography project out of it, which ultimately became a zine (Zines 3655r no. 1 2009?) and a blog.

While the first issue is a bitty thing, a trifold with some neat vintage photos, its list of about 35 books and zines by women of color is largely enticing. Your zine librarian added several titles to her personal reading list while cataloging the zine. The Barnard Library has all of the books I looked up, btw, so yay us!