POC Zines from Mimi Thi Nguyen

We haven't had a chance to catalog the following zines yet, so here's a basic listing of the delights in Mimi's collection. (Mistaken and incomplete attributions possible.)

New to our collection:

Bakery, by Christina
Borelando, by Mimi Ilano
Broken Thought 1 & 2, by Ben/Various
Cage 1-3, by Dzung Vo
Chinese, Japanese, Indian Chief edited by Bianca Ortiz
Consider yourself kissed # 2, by Yumi
#1, by Lynn Hou
Eracism #s 1 & 2, by the Revolution Rising Collective and Lucid Nation
Exedra #4 by various authors
Funeral #s 01 & 02 by Sugar
Hey White Girl by Elizabeth Anne
Hollyhock #s3 & 4.5 by Lida #3 split with War 1
Housewife Turned Assassin! #s 2 & 4 by Dani and Sisi
Kreme Koolers 2 & 4 Keyan Keyan
Marks in Time: The Very Early Go-Gos's by Eden and Iraya
Messy Flowers #3/Lolita by Hanna Fushihara
Mestiza by Bianca Ortiz
My Broken Halo #2 by Mesheyle (c/o Donia and Melody)
Photobooth Toolbox #2 by Andrea Fernandez
Screaming Goddess #s 1 & 4 by Zakia 
Secret Agent Girl
no. 666 by Lida
Totally Fucked Up #1 by bluegrrl
Wild Honey Pie #10 by Kristy Chan

Second copy, therefore will available for borrowing:

Behind these fragile walls #1, by Lan Nguyen
Boredom Sucks #8.5, by L.J. Martin
Hey Mexican!
, by Bianca Ortiz
#4, by Bianca Ortiz
Mija, by Bianca Ortiz 
Pure Tuna Fish #s 1, 6 & 8 by Rita Fatila
Scarbaby by Johanna Eeva
Tennis and Violins by Kristy Chan
Wild Honey Pie #9 by Kristy Chan
YAWP! #13 Johanna Eeva
You Might as Well Live #s4 & 8 by L.J. Martin. #4 is a split with Superette #12