Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen #4 is taking submissions right now on ways in which intersections can create more productive and positive activist spaces. Ideas include, but are not limited to, "The role of internet activism, navigating queer spaces, accessibility, academic theory and exclusivity, the role of allies, the "boy's club" in the emo/punk scene, navigating social change under the anarcho-lens, negotiating the neo-western perspectives of feminism, body politics, and art as activism." Talk about variety!

"Started in 2012 by Abbie Heath and Caroline Caswell, Peachy Keen attempts to spread awareness about queer, trans, and feminist issues through a radical lens. Though a submissions-based zine, Peachy Keen is organized thematically, with themes often focusing on topics that do not inherently appear to be feminist or queer oriented. For example, volume two focused on the queer studies and fashion, and and the third volume discussed queer feminisms and food. The zine always has hand-sewn binding, and often has multi-layered covers." (From Zinewiki)

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