New Zine Assistant: Emma May

Hello! My name is Emma May. I am a first-year at Barnard planning to major in Women and Gender Studies. I am from rain-soaked Seattle, Washington. Here are some facts about me:

  • I really like making lists
  • The first zine I made was a minicomic about Joey Ramone as a giraffe
  • I really like gummy bears (as you have already seen)
  • I can't stop listening to the new  Chastity Belt album


I am super excited about my job as zine assistant. Some of the highlights so far have been:

  • Cataloging a zine from an area that is super close to where I grew up
  • This really small and cool Taylor Swift fanzine
  • A DIY tutorial about how to make a cat wallet
  • Cataloging a zine made by a 15 year old in 1995 about how "Revolution: Girl Style Now!" was important to her (!!!) on Riot Grrrl Day (!!!)