New-to-Us Zines: September 11, 2015

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Ghosts II: Poems About Wishing Myself Dead by Jackie Rivera

i imagine myself
in a coffin
and people crying
and all my stuff
in boxes
all this stuff
that used to mean so much
in boxes
and my cat
sleeping on them

This zine comes with a sticker and two plastic rings: a spider and a bat!

Rag Hag Catalog #1 by Tanya Goldberg, 2001

Rats Live on No Evil Star #5 by Marla, 1995

Marla, writing in 1995, recalls MTV's "Yack Live" AOL chat room feed:

All people seem to say is "Whoa dude I'm on TV." ... And then they comment on the video that is playing on the top half of the screen -"This sucks" or "This rules!" is about as intelligent as it gets.

Raw Sugar by Nidhi, 1999

reasons [to make a zine]: to create a tangible memory

A Reader's Gudie to the Underground Press #13 edited by Jerianne, 2000

Rebel Fux #3 by Kate Huh, 1996?

Screaming Mimi #9: Revolution by Andrea, 1996

Zine centerfold photo by me

Simba #9 by Vique Martin, 1999?

Sissy Butch #1-2 by Caroline and Lori, 1994 & 1995?

Cover from QZAP. Download pdf of #1 from QZAP

there were lots of boys too, which was sort of a shock to me since I go to a wimmin's college; I'm just not accustomed to seeing boys around. If you want to knowthe truth, I really like it that way.

SisterStrike #2 by Alice Stagg, 1994 or 1995

The author goes on tour with Team Dresch leading women's self-defense classes. She keeps track of the 25 self-defense incidents (mostly drunk dudes being assholes) she dealt with and shares eight anecdotes, including "#6 SEXUAL HARASSMENT at the MUSEUM of TOLERANCE" in LA and a guy in Berkeley who inisted that "I need some riot girls to suck my dick cuz' I'm so full of testosterone."

Stitching Together: Special Edition by Annie Mok, 2012

Cover from The Medium

Who was your first crush?

Uh / Kermit the Frog.
I used to imagine him saving me from...danger.

Supernatural Fancy Cocktail Party by Erin and Katie, 2012

Responding to Erin's question about her favorite place to go, Katie says

...the library! There are four small branch libraries within walking distance of me, so at times like thi si like to combine my love of taking a brisk walk with my love of haunting the library like the neighborhood weirdo that I am.

Xerox Debt #1 edited by Davida Gypsy Breier, 1999

Cover from Xerography Debt website

Gift of Emily Nilsson

Flesh and Bone by Julia Gfrörer, 2010

Internal page from Julia Gfrörer's blog

Purchased from the Creator

Syndicate Product #22: Six Categories by A.j. Michel, 2013

Cover from Antiquated Future distro

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Henson, Jim--Biography--Comic books, strips, etc.

Jeopardy (Television program).