New-to-Us Zines: October 7, 2016

Gift of the Creator

Temp Life: a Zine About Office Life at a Hedge Fund! by Mr. Elvis, 2016

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

B.B.'s Revenge #4 by Marla, late 1990s/early 2000s?

Beri-Beri #2 by Nicole, split with Miss Mary Mack #? by Marina Vishmidt, 1996

Covers from

Boji: For the Mentally Ill #1 by Julia Seizure and Michelley Queen of Queens, 1994

Candy Heart #1 by Shana and Sam, mid-1990s?

Cheese Log #9 by Brooke and Emily, 1994

Cherry Cherry Red #4 by Ciara Xyerra, 1998?

Chickeny #1 by Sam Green-Eggs, 2007

Chimps #6 by Layla Gibbon, 1998

Clamp 11 #3 by Candy, 1990s?

Comixville #3-4 by the Comixville Collective, 2002-2003

Fairy Flower Distro Catalog #2 by Fairy, 1998

Fantastic Fanzine #6 by Erika, late 1995?

Femme Flicke #6 by Tina Spangler, late 1996 or early 1997

Silence Is the Sound of the Morning After by Jen, 1996?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Rural lesbians.