New-to-Us Zines: October 19, 2015

Gift of the Creator

Jennifer #1-8, 10-11 by Jennifer Mathieu, 1997-2002

From #2

some crazy miami punks bustedout phoebe's window as i sat in a miami bar, and it cost $170 freaking bucks to fix. they took some mix tapes of the cure's most moody songs--so i can only hope that they're really depressed.


do you think there's anything wrong with lying on the floor of your new and lovely apartment and eating three chocolate fat free pudding snack packs in quick succession and listing to Dylan's "You're A Big Girl Now" over and over until it becomes like part of your simpy girlie soul?


adulthood is vivisection

Love this homonym error in #6, "[in Catholic high school] i mostly towed the party line, but once in a while i would disagree, usually with the church's twisted view on artificial birth control."

In #7 one of Mathieu's friends refers to NYC as "the city htat never sleeps but which is constantly urinating."

#8 asks which is better, The Golden Girls or Designing Women?

This Is a Queens-bound F Train by Madeline Steinberg, 2015

Photo of Madeline oin the MTA Zine Mob from EricGoldhagen on Flickr

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Lusy's Angry #4 by Rebecca, 1995ish?

Lux #3 by Shivon and Jennifer, 1996

Moan by Anna C., 1996

poured fresh outta my heart ♥ for the people. this is my life right now as i sit hunched over, with MONSTER cramps writing wa what i feel. isolation YEAH that pure tten fuckn angst well FUCK you this is different, it's something i thought THOUGHT i had but it was an illustion the whole shitty way. i hate being tampered with. DIE FUCKERS.

Mona #1 edited by Nancy, 1995

Mons of Venus #9 by Freda Nicholson, 1996