New-to-Us Zines: October 16, 2015

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

List #15: On My Own by Ramsey Beyer, 2012

Macchiatos are not punk... List #7 Ramsey would probably be disappointed.

Cover from Everyday Pants blog

Listen to Me Whine #5 & Rebel by Michelle

Living In #2: Home by Stacey McMath, 1999 freshman year of college. Sitting at the dinner table, I mentioned that I was sad that I only had three days until I went home. Home, meaning back to my small dorm room and my roommate who I barely knew, to the shower that was made of institutional steel, to the dining hall that I hated and the "friends" that I had known for a little over a month.

Lizzie #1 by Jennifer, 199x?

Loindrop #1 by Kelly Virtue & Kelly McALee, 1993

Looks Yellow, Tastes Red #8 by Colette, 199x?

Love Button #1 by Michelle & Karen, 1993

Love Dresses Up on Sundays by Elka, 2004

Lucky Tiger #3 by Louisa Lucky, 1996

Out of Order #7 (Static in My Throat) by Jen Walsh, 1999

Ultramangreat #1 by Michelle & Karen, 1993

lots of people i know are very concerned about hygiene. i call them DISINFECTED YOUTH. they carry q-tips and bottles of listerine with them every where they go so they can keep their piercings clean.

Gift of or Purchase from the Creator

Clear Your Mind by Esther S. White, 2013

Cover from Sister Sister Books blog

Forget It by Esther S. White, 2014

Cover from Sister Sister shop

I Try by Esther S. White, 2014

Cover from Sister Sister shop

#SocialMediaAnxieties: a Zine on Digital Failure and Attachment edited by Liz Kinnamon, 2014

Cover from Issuu

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Meditation--Pictorial works.