New-to-Us Zines: November 4, 2016

Acquired at the 2015 NYC Feminist Zine Fest

Teaching Consent to My Kitten words by Sierra Black and art by Medusa Cascade, 2015?

Page image from pleasurepie shop

The Two-Row Wampum by Zola, 2015?

Cover from zolamtl blog

Ley Lines #1: Unholy Shapes by Annie Mok, 2014

Cover from leylines shop

Until the Darkness Was Gone... by J. Henry, 2015?

What to do When You Experience: Emotional Stress Burnout Rituals & Permissions by Jordan Alam, 2015

Inside page photo shared with permission.

When I Remember What to Say: You Will Know Nico Again by Kate Angell, 2015?

Cover from PiscesMoonPress

Why You Will Live/Why You Will Die by Aus Bahadur, 2013?

Covers from Wheelhouse Distro

Yes, Ma'am #8 by Suzy Gonzalez and Elle Minter, 2015

Cover from yes.maam72

Gift of Che Gossett

This Is What We Have by Heather María Ács, 2015?

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

Intertwined by Marla, early 2000s?

Jailhouse Turn Out #1 by Tammy Rae Carland, 1996

The Jellybean #16 by Katy Weselcouch, 1996

The Jigsaw #5 1/2 by Tobi Vail, 1994

Kachina #5 by Mona Weiner, 1994?

Kill Rock Stars Winter 1995-1996 by Slim Moon

Cover from WNYC

Too Far #13 by Adrienne Droogas, 1994?

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Nico, 1938-1988.

Performance art.

Schiele, Egon, 1890-1918.