New-to-Us Zines: November 20, 2015

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

3 a.m. #2, 4, & 5 by Hope, 1996

The zine creator wrote in a note to Cheryl (original recipient of zine and donor to the zine library) that she found Cheryl's name and address "in an fb." Took me a minute to realize she meant Friendship Book not Facebook!

Also includes the second Anne Sexton reprint I've seen in a zine today (out of three).

Adore Distro catalog #2 by Tina, 2000

Bus*6 #6 by Laura McKenna Farrell, 1997

Displacing Love... by Lauren Fardig, 1999

Tales from the Clit #2 by Theresa, 1996?

Includes an interview with the Lunachicks, in which Reesa asks, "What do u like 2 do 4 FUN?"


  • Burn fan mail
  • De-lice each other
  • Collect head cheese from other countries
  • Find fault with everyone & everything except for us (and our fans, of course!)
  • Watch Zena!
  • Knit 1, pearl 2
  • Compare colostomy bags after Mexican fest
  • Drink beer & pee
  • Karoke

The band's favorite foods are revealed to be "bile, sausages, boogers, hair pie, and BEER."

Terrorist #8 by Rita Brinkerhoff, 1999

Thrift Score #9 by Al Hoff, 1996

Article on pajama shopping titled "Sleep Is No Excuse for Lack of Style."

Gift of Liz Gipson

The Anarchist Agenda #1 & 2, 2014-15 edited by West Gipson and Ian Schlom

No. 2 provides instructions for protest n00bs, including an entry called "Prepare your pets."

Interior page image from Anarchist Agenda blog

Anarchist Agenda #2 pdf

Gift of or Trade with the Author

Everything. Is. Fine. #2 by Nyxia Grey, 2015

"i dreamt the other night that i had strings growing out of my back. One of my colleagues was trying to cut them off so that he could preserve them in Archives and Special Collections." #librariandreams

Cover from Nyxia Grey's shop

[tw]: a zine exploring trigger warnings in the Barnard Community by the Barnard Zine Club & CAP (the Collective Advocacy Project), 2015

"an unexamined trigger warning is not worth giving"

"students ARE the classroom"

You Don't Get There from Here #32 by Carrie McNinch, 2014

Interior page from Carrie McNinch's shop

Zine Librarians Code of Ethics Zine by written by lots of zine librarians and clip arted by Kelly Wooten, 2015

Download the Zine Librarians Code of Ethics Zine pdf

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Literature and society.

Suggested New-to-the Library of Congress Subject Headings

Trigger warnings.