New-to-Us Zines: November 18, 2016

Gift of the Creator

Laid: Stuff I Wish I'd Known About Sex Before I Started Having It by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, 2014

Cover from Pioneers Press

"If you tell someone how you want to be touched, and they ignore you STOP fucking them."

Otherly Love: a Philly Feminist Zine Fest Compzine, 2014

Zine fest poster from Sassyfrass Circus

"I need a hand signal for times like these."
"Like a hand signal that means 'Help! Some intellectual bro is mansplaining Marxism to me!'"
-Sara Bear

Qommunity: a Little Zine About the William Way Center by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, 2014?

Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric #16: Saying Goodbye by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, 2013

Cover from Pioneers Press

These Hard Things I Haven't Told You by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, 2014?

Gay ladies didn't beat one another. We were too busy fighting for social justice and smashing the patriarchy.

The Worth of Water: a Comp Zine About Self-Care by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, 2013

Gift of Cheryl Tapper

This Is a Beginning by Heather Lynn split with Trigger by Jenny, 1998?

Tightrope by Kristi S., 1995?

No one questioned why a high school student would write poems about her soul being destroyed. I never really stopped suppressing. I became a vegetarian.

Gift of Yvonne Ng

Girl Zine, 2000

Stick figure man: Girl??? That looks like a boy!!!

Short haired woman: I'm not a boy, I'm a stereotypical lesbian!

Mad Cow #3: Hero!, #6: Mothers edited by Una Cow, 1998 and 1999?

Whenever I watch movies I identify with the supervillains and mosters. I feel alienated by the heros. It's sad when Godzilla dies. #3

My all time favorite, though, was when i cam out to [my mother], she told me that "bisexuality is an immature choice."