New-to-Us Zines: May 5, 2017

Gift of Candace Mooers

Evolve by Hailey Packebush, 2003ish?

Guardian Angels Never Take Vacations by Jackie, early 2000s?

Mohawk Pussy #4 & 5 by Jessika and Sheila D., 2001

Mouth Rant #1 by Jennifer Jones, 2001

No Assembly Required #2 by Tara, 1999?

Plexiform #4 by Clare Pepper, 1998?

Pretend I'm Somone Else by Lauren Naylor, 2005

Punk Porn Zine #3 by Raynbo Novak, 1998

Riot #6 by Liz Worth, 2004

Sheer, Brazen Honesty #1 by Li, late 1990s?

Gift of Zine World

When the Crash Meets Something Solid #008: Something Very Ugly by Gabrielle Congrave, 2011


New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Angels--Quotations, maxims, etc.