New-to-Us Zines: March 25, 2016

I couldn't find art for any of the zines, so I grabbed a free media paper pickle jar.

Gift of Sarah From

Picklejar #18, 19, 21-24 by Eve & Hugh, 1995-1996?

In my first days at Yale this fall I engaged myself in a daily struggle to justify or explain my presence in this bastion of traditionalism and power structure.

That's contributor Sara in #19, 1995.

Polka Dots #1 by Sara Streuver, 1996

Provo-CAT-ive #4: Road Trips 2000 by Goddess of Venus and Goddess of Mars, April 1996

Provo-CAT-ive #5: The Issue O Shit by Goddess of Venus and Goddess of Mars, 1997

June is Gay Pride Month. I happened to be at a concert in Washington D.C. the night before the Capital Pride Parade. I went to Dupont Circle to see the event. It turned out to be male focused and sexualized (except for the Lesbian Avengers.) It was more of a Capital-ism parade.

Prudence #2 by Prudence, 1996

Salza #2 by Cleopatra Jones, 1997?

Septophilia mail order: Fall 1996 Catalog, by Jen

Sneer #6.5: Small Girl After All by Kathleen, 199x?

Super Witch #2 by Anjali, 199x?

The Tuesday Veronica #1 by Jenny Kay, 1993?

The Vegetable Inside Us All #5 by Anne, 1995

I live for the thesaurus and most specific word choice. Unfortunately, most labels we have for humans are mutable and, therefore, misleading and meaningless. I shun labels.

Quoted because the author later became a librarian. Critical ibrarians struggle mightily with choosing descriptors, but it should also be noted that Anne went into research and instruction services, not cataloging.