New-to-Us Zines: March 18, 2016

Acquired from the Creator

Deleterious: a Mutant Gene Zine by Jen Silverman, 2016

Cover via Facebook via Huffifer on Instagram

Includes lyrics to "Preemptive Mastectomy," sung to the tune of "Teenage Lobotomy" by the Ramones

Gift of Sarah From

Dodo #1-3 by Dorothy H. 1996-1997

Pie chart from Dodo's Brain #3

Emancipate by Denise McKellick, 1998

Fat!So? #3: the Sticky Issue by Marilyn Wann, 1995

Cover from Zinebook

The Femme Skunk #1: Salome's Sister by Eve Tushnet, 1996

All the kids I know jounced through school like silver balls along the tabletop of a pinball machine.

Later, in a different essay:

I can't concentrate in class.  I never could.  Report cards said distraction, potential, like the tarot cards I read during lunch in junior high.

Fruit Salad #24 by Mango and Kiwi, 1995

In the Backseat by Muffie White, 1997?

Lame #3 by Gabrielle, 1997?

Maybe Magazine #21 by Shosh Cohen, 1996

the unofficial traditional meal of the semi-legitimate GIRL BIKE TERRORISTS OF BERKELEY IS:


from 7-11 of course!

Mons of Venus #9 by Freda and Jennifer, 1996

Mons of Venus no. 9

Cover from Chris Fitzgerald blog

Monsters Are Real #1 by Michelle, 1997?

zine centerfold: pop-up anatomical heart

Moon Fuzz #4 by Serra Sewitch, 1996

PssstChick no. 3 by SansSerif, 1996

SansSerif likes to drive a librarian crazy, alternating between PssstChick and PsstChick. I wonder if doing so was a riot grrrl vs. riot grrl allusion.

Unfair World #1 by Barbie, 1998

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings

BRCA genes.

Feminine beauty (Aesthetics).