New-to-Us Zines: March 11, 2016

Acquired from the Creator

Women of Color #9 & 10 (one volume) compiled by Cathy Camper, 2015


Gift of Kandis Friesen

[No title] by Liisa Graham, 2004

A Book by mistint, 2004

A Girl and Her Bike #4: the Mixed Signals issue by Angie, 1997

A Girl and Her Bike: the Seduction by Angie, 199x?

Girlie Prig #11 by Karen, 1998

So we're talkin' queer theory and I'm talking boring. I want excitement and real life and I don't care what the discourse is on that. But it's also possible I just watched too many hoakey gay and lesbian movies and I think lesbianage may have traumatized me. Give me Sporty Spice, miss dyke extraordinaire and I'll talk theory for hours.

The Good Thing about Being a Freak Is High Pain Tolerance: Transfolks Rants Stories Lucid Interviews by Carbo, late 1990s or early 2000s?

Hooray for Herouxville! by tu-three, 2008

Gift of Sarah From

3rd Degree #1 by Michelle

The reason I used that name for my zine is because my concept of the revolution (whether or not you want to think of feminism as a revolution is up to you) is that we need to give
the patriarchal system that we live in the 3rd degree ["the final stage of torture that women where put through when they were believed to be witches"] .  We need to torture the life out of the patriarchy.

And Everything Nice #1 by Annie La Ganga, 1994

Do you like everything so far? I'm just checking. My boyfriend says it's gross when I'm really approval seeking but I can't help it. Sorry.

The Badgirl Club #6 by Gladys

The cover asks, "Whatever happened to Kristy McNichol?" but sadly there is not Kristy McNichol content inside.

Bobbysoxer #5.5 by Katy

Boys are nice, no matter what anybody says!

Cutiepie #4 by Melon, 1995?

DioxZine: an Ecofeminist Publication by Ann and Erin, 1996

Dioxin is a toxin and it's in your tampons!

Maybe Magazine #19B by Shosh Cohen, 1995

Totally Out of Hand #3 by Simone, 1997?

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