New-to-Us Zines: Labor Day Weekend 2013

Librarians & Archivists to Palestine

With a cover by Josh MacPhee and centerfold by Molly Fair (both Interference Archive archivists and Justseeds artists) this zine detailing a delegation of librarians and archivists visiting Palestine was compiled by Barnard librarians Vani Natarajan and me, and also by delegation co-leader Hannah Mermelstein. It's not for sale yet. Keep an eye on the delegation blog, Facebook or Twitter for info on its release. 

Pete's Mini Zine Fest Purchases & Trades

Counter Attack #3 by Alisa Harris, 2010.
This is a loving minicomic depecting the daily activities of  cats Moe & Fidget. 

Dee's Dream: the Patriot Parlor by Dre Grigoropol, 2012. 
Garage band minicomic. 

Don't Mayo Hate by Dre Grigoropol, 2013. 
High school student Maia Mayo is having a really bad day. 

Hello/Adios by Dawn Wing, 2013. 
Minicomic scenes from a turning-30 crisis from a teacher completing a master's degree in library science.

The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories, Volume 1: Growing up Christian Palestinian in America by Marguerite Dabaie, 2007.
Wherein making dolmas in the Bay Area involves stealing grape leaves from Napa vineyards. 

Hope Chest by Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, 2013.
Collages making fun of affirmations with a little class critique thrown in for fun. 

If You Like Penguins and Getting Stoned and Reading Random Thoughts: a 24 Hour Zine Thing Project by Dawn, 2010. 
"Maybe this is it. Just sitting here and having 24 hrs. to do what I love and not judge it."

Kiss & Tell volume 2.0 by Jem Ross, 2013.
Jem tells about a lot more than kissing. I didn't used to know what "tossing salad" means.

Living in La La Land #1: Blitz Over Bushwick by Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, 2011?
"All I know is that I think there's a difference between being rebellious and simply being a douchebag."

"I guess daily journal comicking is kinda gonzo."

Lolita #1 by Jem Ross, 2008?
It's all in here--how to dress, throw parties, be green and what music to listen to. 

Money Saving Freelance Tip$! by Alisa Harris, 2013. 
Slacking save$. 

Wall Street Cat: Money Takes Naps by Sara Lindo, 2011. 
Ike is a highly regarded therapy cat who commutes to Wall Street on the PATH train. pdf


We'll Never Have Paris #10 edited by Andria Alefhi, 2013. 

What It Is by Dawn Wing, 2012. 

You Should Be Here edited by Hannah Clayman and Ashley de la Montaña, 2013? 
A platform for women artists in all disciplines. 

Zoos Bluez by Dre Grigoropol, 2013. 
Dre liked the elephants best, but they moved to other zoos. 

New-to-Us Library of Congress Subject Headings


Archivists--Political activity--Palestine. 

Bands (Music)--Comic books, strips, etc. 

Cats--Therapeutic use--Comic books, strips, etc.

Collage, American--Specimens. 

Librarians--Political activity--Palestine. 

Penguins--Comic books, strips, etc. 

This one isn't new-to-us, but I think it could be used to describe most personal zines: Self--Miscellanea.