New-to-Us Zines: June 3, 2016

Gift of Katy Weselcouch

/Nothing/ #11 by Marissa Falco, 1997

Bad Reputation #5: Remember Everything I Told You: Keep It All in Yr Heart Like a Stone by Jen, 199x?

blinkmoxy #10: Please Don't Go Too Far Away by Sara Huffman, 1996

Dirt: WOZQ 91.9 FM Northampton, edited by K8 Hardy, spring 1998

Glowbug #2: Super Deluxe Summer Edition by Christy and Tara Goerzen, 199x?

I Like Typing Wanna Fuck?, 2001ish?

...or even starting a seven sisters escort service. my own dream is to start a public porn library.

Kitty Cat Spy Club! #1 by Theresa Mitten and Seth Bee, 1997

My New Gun #3 by Muffie White, 1996

NB #2 by Anne, 1999?

You must be aware that what you read isn't me. Souvenirs of me maybe-reflections in half-filled teacups, nose prints on glass coffee tables, globs of toothpaste stuck to the sink. But not me.

Pony Up by Karen Sneider, 2006

Pop-Popisms by Emily North, 2007

Snippets by Monica Gallagher, 2007

The Tuesday Veronica by Jenny-Kay, 1995

Too Cool for Skool by Melon, 1998

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Ponies--Comic books, strips, etc.