New-to-Us Zines: June 16, 2017

Acquired from the Creator

Bathtub Fortune Cookie Fan by Ayun Halliday, 1995

Echo! Echo! #8-10 by Keet Geniza, 2011-2013

once i wanted to write
"all i want is to be
less alone"
but my hand slipped
and i wrote
to be
left alone
Much to my mother's amusement, I asked for a mimeograph machine for my ninth birthday. 

Kitty Doodles #1-3 by Ellie Anglin, 2010-2014

Officer Amy: a Blue Collar Porn Story by Major Rainy Sneer, 2011

Tender Buttons by Ellie Anglin, 2011

God also told me that I could do anything I want. -- Even write for
"Cat Fancy" --
if I try. 

Gift of Alexa Mattheyses

Bitchfield #14 by Courtney Bennett, 1995

Pasty #3 by Sarah-Katherine Lewis, 1995

Gift of Miriam DesHarnais

Strange Growths #14.5: Pregnancy Dreams Issue by Jenny Zervakis, 2010?

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Buttons--Collectors and Collecting.